29 november Epupa Falls (NAMIBIA)

"Now that the man has passed the threshold of 2000 and gained new space destinations, the dream of visiting new worlds is not so remote. But until a vacation on Mars will not become a reality, it is comforting to know that on Earth there are places that offer the same excitement of space exploration.

Venture into the unknown: visit Namibia "!

What a great slogan the Lonely Planet uses to advertise this place! They are absolutely right, sometimes you travel hundreds of kilometers into the "nothing" and, nowadays, it seems almost impossible that there are places in the world like this.

Here are places where the view embraces long coastlines and even a blade of grass stops the indistinct grayness; roads where you can walk for hours with the sky as one roof... expanses of dunes bordering the realm of fantasy... plains of burned rock from the sun...

The sweltering heat is almost unnerving, this is the realm of the Himba, this picturesque tribe who has pushed us so far, here, on the Kunene River, again before Angola.

30 november Epupa Falls (NAMIBIA)

We are at Epupa Falls, a fence of twigs in a semi desert area... only a few skeletal bush... some naked children look out from the fence watching us amused and intrigued...

our guide comes in, he asks if we can visit them by offering oil, flour and salt just bought for them.

Three women with impressive braids mixed with ocher, red earth long and drooping breasts, many jewelry on the ankles, wrists, a sort of brownish fur around the neck, a dark leather belt around the hips, a sculpture of ocher on the head... they smile at us and welcome us in their ancient language...

The kids play, chase each other, laugh, they want to play with us... some are very beautiful, elegant, caring for younger siblings with lots of love... in a hut there is a woman with a new-born baby, it is full of dust , flies, mud...

in another one: an old lady asks us some medicines as she is sick, whatever medicine is good for her... a child without a hand is playing with a balloon, another is chewing a ball of paper as if it was chewing -Gum...

Men are out to pasture... we stay several hours observing their daily life and we get surprised, as always, of how diverse and sometimes hard our world is.

Back at our camp, we decide to take a dip in a pool along the Kunene river following a few kids from the neighborhood, just a few meters from the waterfall! A moment that, for many of us, will remain forever engraved in the heart!

01 december Palmwag (NAMIBIA)

We travel for about nine hours... around us only barren land scorched by the sun, skeletal trees, bushes without leaves that continue to be besieged by some goats that graze observed by a Himba in a skirt and with the usual stick in the hands...

In the late afternoon we stop at Palmwag, just to break this long transfer. We're back in the middle of nowhere... we aset the camp in a lovely campsite!

A starry sky will be the roof of our night... we decide to sleep without the covering of the tent to enjoy even more this latest spectacle of Mother Nature in Southern Africa!

"Roots are important in a man's life but we, men, have the legs not the roots and legs are made to go elsewhere."

- Pino Cacucci -

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