02 december Spitzkoppe (NAMIBIA)

It's still dark outside when the alarm clock sounds... it's cold... illuminated by the light of the headlamp, we unset our tents and leave again... there is still a long way to go!

The landscape is lunar, not a tree, or some green except for small "Welwitschia mirabilis", characteristic plants found only here, in the Skeleton Coast!

This is one of the most desolate stretches across Africa.

Finally we arrive at Cape Cross. A large cross stands in the middle of the bay; the stench is strong and in the distance we see a dark spot moving in disorder... there is a colony of thousands of Cape fur seals with their puppies, this is the time of the births...

I have seen many dead or abandoned puppies along the beach, large sea lions fight violently, some sleeping on the shore, others swimming in the waves in the distance... some jackal observes the scene patiently, waiting for the right moment to approach...

[Stefy]: "Many sea lions were in labor, others had the placenta next to their puppies. You could see groups of massed ones because their mothers had gone fishing! The smell, the cries of thousands of small furs hit you.
I thought to myself that the law of Nature is as fascinating as raw!

In the afternoon we arrive at an absolutely magical place: majestic rocks all around us in a desert landscape: Spitzkoppe.

Tonight we will set our tents right here in the middle of nowhere... there is no electricity, no water, nothing! And this "nothing" makes this place: magical!"

The stewards work hard because we can only rely on our galley, we sip water since there is no possibility of getting other!

The evening at the feet of the Spitzkoppe (1736 meters, called the Cervino of Africa) is truly magical... these huge blocks of red rock ageless surround and protect us... here we are: just us, our tents, our trucks and a starry sky infinite...

03 december Swakopmund (NAMIBIA)

To make this place even more mystical, we go and visit some cave with rocky paintings following some trails with our guide... we climb up a huge rock, we enter a rock cavity and here is these timeless designs... after thousands of years before our astonished eyes... who knows who has created them, who knows how many people, in the course of the time, had admired them, who knows who had lived there, and who knows how long... here is one of those things that makes you understand how small we are...

In the late morning we reach Swakopmund... a small town completely out of place in this  background! It is pretty cold! Streets are tidy and clean, almost only whites around that seem to come from an American sitcom of the 80s!

Some black bum begging at the exit of the Spar, blond kids running around barefeet, many white houses with German flags waving and protected by barbed wire on the walls, various pubs with chubby white men drinking pitchers of cold beer, cafes that sell strudel, a long jetty that takes you into the endless ocean...


Tonight we will not sleep in a tent but in a small apartment...

...a very good excuse to organize a small party all together!

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