04 december Sesriem (NAMIBIA)

Walvis Bay. A town near Swakopmund with a bay that hosts an impressive colony of pink flamingos.

They are beautiful, it is a pleasure to photograph them!

We depart, we still have a long way to go, a dusty dirt road and with a strong temperature range, we soon reach 40°C as we approach the Namib desert...

We pass the sign of the Tropic of Capricorn and a few miles later we get to Solitaire... the name fits perfectly... it looks like a ghost town, abandoned in the Far West... there are several rusty carcass of old cars... we stop at the famous "Desert Baker", a true oasis in the desert where we can enjoy a good apple pie!

Our final destination is still far away, some more hours by truck on steep trails, dusty, sandy up to Sesriem...

We will spend the night here!

But only after going into the Sesriem Canyon and climbing on top of Elim dune awaiting the wonderful sunset!


05 december Seeheim (NAMIBIA)

The night passes peacefully, although too short! At 04:30 a.m. we are already back in our truck heading to the base of the most majestic of the dunes: Dune 45 (365 meters). The climb is easy as the sun timidly begins to rise high in the sky... in twenty minutes we reach the top, the red sand is soft and pleasant to walk barefeet, we sit along the ridge to admire this latest show!

The sun rises: a new day begins here in Africa!

We spend most of the day traveling to Seeheim, the last Namibian leg; it's very hot and a warm wind blows strongly... we  struggle to set the camp... 

06 december Springbok (SOUTH AFRICA)

Fish River Canyon. The second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon.

We walk a couple of kilometers along the ridge and we get enchanted and amazed in front of such great majesty. It really seems to see the bones of Planet Earth...
Not far away we stop at Noordewer, the boundary between these two Countries; the bureaucracy is slow but, once in the country of Mandela, the landscape changes dramatically.

Instead of barren rocks and desert spaces there are now green vineyards and farmland, even the road is no longer a dusty dirt road but a clean tongue of asphalt.

In Springbok we set, for the last time, our camp and our beloved tents... we already miss them... we celebrate this with one of the best meals of the whole trip made with tortillas and fagiolata...

07 december Cape Town (SOUTH AFRICA)

Slowly we approach, by our tired and dusty trucks, the gates of Cape Town. Its suburb is a sea of shanty sheets  where not even the police can access. It is a world apart and it is stunning and sad at the same time. Fannie said that people from almost all of central and southern Africa live here.

Here we are in Cape Town, we expect a lot from the last few days here! We stay at the "Dale Court Guesthouse", a great accommodation just a short walk from the Waterfront, the most tourist area.

We get lost in the crowd of tourists, we almost feel disoriented coming from Namibia, the least populated nation of Africa, we are not used to seeing so many people.

Our trucks clash in the rush hour traffic of Cape Town, our Safari outfit is almost out of place when we mix with the well-dressed and perfumed tourists!

There is a huge Christmas tree in the center of Waterfront, many enlightened Malls, pubs, nice restaurants, lights, colors, music, street artists... everywhere parties!


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