08 december Cape Town (SOUTH AFRICA)

Cheetah Outreach. Not far from Cape Town, located in Somerset West, this small oasis welcomes, cares and, sometimes, sets various felines free: cheetahs in the first place!

We meet Francesco, a twenty years old guy from Grosseto, a volunteer in this camp; he explains us the various projects they are carrying out there, he follows us during the visit and manages to make it even more interesting thanks to his infectious passion.

For the first time we meet a cheetah up close, they make us even caress her, she has a bristling and hard beautiful spotted!

This is the fastest animal in the world!  

Unfortunately the sea is very rough today and we have to skip the boat ride for the whales watching so we decide to go to Robben Island, famous for the prison where they held many political prisoners including Nelson Mandela.

Colonialism and apartheid have played a very important role in the history of this Country, so many people have suffered and some of them, because of their own ideas of equality, have even paid with their freedom by spending several years behind bars!

09 december Cape Town (SOUTH AFRICA)

[Stefy]: "Cape of Good Hope! Amazing even the sign itself, seen so many times in documentaries on TV...

We decide to "leapfrog" the mountain doing a walk of about an hour, the scenarios are spectacular: cliffs over a green ocean, then turquoise, then intense blue!

This impressive and extremely perfect nature has captivated our soul!

In the afternoon we reach Simon's Bay and its Cape Penguins.

Here they are all strutting and still: these funny birds; someone diving into the water, others are relaxing in the sun... the little ones, by the soft fur that looks cotton full of ash look around disoriented... "

10 december Cape Town (SOUTH AFRICA)

Today we visit the Nazareth House, an orphanage in a Victorian-style building of the late 800, home to abandoned babies, handicapped children and elderly...

It's touching for me to see so many black babies, some are only two months old, they are all very relaxed and pampered by the many "mami" working there. 
A little further on there were children with disabilities... thank goodness there are realities such this that can give a glimmer of hope and dignity to unfortunate people... here it has been very hard, I admit it!

Our visit ends with the retirement home... here everything changes, it looked like a scene from the movie: "The Notebook", many elderly, all white this time, well dressed, groomed and pampered who spent the last pieces of their lives there...

Meet Angelina Damiani, a 82 year old from Naples, host of Nazareth House. She speaks broken Italian and tells us that she has been there for three months ie since her poor husband had died (the same that 60 years earlier had taken her to Africa for "business")... she is so sweet when she says that her children are good because sometimes they pay her a visit... a little later she tells us another version of the story, then another one again... we spend some time with her before leaving...

Zimbabwean nun, who accompanies us on this visit, tells me that actually Mrs Damiani had been there for 10 years and nobody has never came to visit her... what a thrill...

Same house... blacks children are born white elderly slowly go away...

We leave all our bags full of clothes and toys brought from Italy for this occasion and with a melancholy we say them good-bye...

Today it's the last day of travel! We wander aimlessly through the city center and Waterfront trying to get lost and taste till the end every little piece of this huge city!

Last dinner at Karibu, we enjoy a local meat barbecue: ostrich, warthog, kudu, springbok, impala and beef ...

Thanks Africa!

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