19 november Victoria Falls (ZIMBABWE)

After three long flight we finally land in Victoria Falls.

The sun shines high in the sky, it's very hot but, loaded our backpacks on the trucks, we head straight to the camping that will host us this night...

20 november Victoria Falls (ZIMBABWE)

[Stefy]: "Victoria Falls, despite the dry period, the waterfalls are quite strong so we can enjoy the first natural wonder of this African adventure!"

21 november Kasane (BOTSWANA)

[Stefy]: "The border is not far from the small town of Victoria Falls and in the early afternoon we reach the banks of the Chobe River.

We enter Bostwana along a wide strip of black asphalt and we even occasionally spot some zebra or elephant... it has been weird for us to read the warning sign: "disclaimer, this is a wild life area,you are stopping here at your own risk".

We set the tents and by an old boat, we begin the slow navigation on the Chobe River; we see hippos, crocodiles, elephants, buffalo, impala and many colorful birds. "

22 november Kasane (BOTSWANA)

We start at dawn to discover the Chobe National Park. It's really cold on these open jeep; like every game drive, we immediately dive into the wonderful and wild savannah. River Chobe flows quietly providing hospitality, shelter and livelihood to many herds of animals.

Some wild dogs approach menacingly toward a group of ugly marabou, (you can not say it's a good-looking animal!), a dozen elephants, in single line, follow the head family that draws them with a powerful trumpeting; some crocodiles basking in the sun along the river bank...

It 's all very exciting and natural, sometimes a zebra comes out, then a giraffe, some oryx and Thomson's gazelles, two springbok, three lionesses...

23 november Nata (BOTSWANA)

[Stefy]: "After a day's truck we stop, for the night, at Elephant Sands.

There is a large pool of water that attracts many elephants... we see a couple of them really close... about twenty minutes later, fifteen males arrive to drink, (they explained us that during the day males elephants approach and in the evening female ones with young).

I the evening, in fact, it's been magical!

Three elephants, a few months old, seeking the trunk of their mothers, her protection, two huge males hit very thoughly and the thud of their fangs resound in the night.


During the night we make sure we do not keep any food inside our tents because a lion has been wandering around for whole nights and frequently it approaches a bit too much to the tents causing panic! "

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