Andorra la Vella in Christmas time

The Principality of Andorra lies on the border with France and Spain between two valleys of the Pyrenees. It is a rather small state considered to be the sixth in Europe due to its size but with naturalistic landscapes envied in the whole world.

There are many curiosities that characterize this little Country, for example: it does not have an army! That's right, no defensive entity present on the whole territory.

And that's not all: Andorra does not even have historical monuments, apart from the characteristic houses of the old town and there is no airport or railway station: this means that to reach the territory it is necessary to go through the streets of Spain or France, so only from Girona, Barcelona or Toulouse.

We have left easily from the bus station of Barcelona Sans and in three hours, comfortably, along a very picturesque route, we have reached this small town.

By the way, did you know that Andorra la Vella is the highest capital in Europe? Yes, located at 1,023 meters above sea level, it is nicknamed the Capital of the Pyrenees (Capital dels Pireneus).

Shopping here is particularly inviting, in fact, the tax system of this nation is very peculiar: that is you don’t pay taxes... stop... let me explain: taxes are really low but the real revolution is the tax on consumption: VAT that here is only at 4.5% making the Nation a true paradise of shopping and consumerism in general.

Andorra preserves some very old traditions that have been handed down for generations, giving rise to a real competition of customs and folklore preserved over time. Even today, for example, the wedding ceremony and baptism follow precise dogmas; these celebrations are accompanied by sumptuous banquets, with foods of all kinds and dances of Spanish origin.

 In their national anthem, Andorrans sing of Charlemagne rescuing their land from the Moors in 803. In the 13th century, local nobles agreed that the principality would be neither Spanish nor French but it would have had its own identity. Although, wandering around the various supermarkets of the capital you will be tempted by the prestigious jamon Iberico next to precious French wines or cheeses! What better mix of eno-gastronomic treasures?

As for the food: the culinary art is rather simple, there are no very elaborate and sophisticated foods, most of them are of peasant origin.
The typical dishes of this place are the Trinxat (a cabbage seasoned with potatoes and bacon), the Escudella (a stew of chicken with sausages) and the Cunillo (a rabbit cooked in tomato sauce).

Gastronomy, tradition and customs have made this small state hidden in the Pyrenees, a popular destination for many tourists. So for those who want to visit Andorra: in addition to seeing beautiful places on a naturalistic level with mountains, woods and huge green spaces you will love the customs dating back to 1600.

Consider also that this little Principality, during the Christmas time, turns into a real nativity scene.

Wander among its snowy alleys with these high white peaks that surround and protect you, Christmas decorations everywhere, the scent of roast chestnuts, the small wooden stands that prepare hot steaming chocolates, gnomes and elves that give candy to smiling children ...

The magic of Christmas!

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