20 march Oranjestad (ARUBA)

We arrive early in the morning in the beautiful island of Aruba... the color of the sea starts to become more and more transparent when we enter the harbor.

The blue flag with the red star is waving proudly on a pylon...

Aruba is considered the "pearl" of the Antilles; it’s an island in the employ of the Dutch crown and is situated 30 km from Venezuela.
Renowned for its white sand beaches, it’s favored by a very pleasant tropical climate.

Although Dutch is the official language, in Aruba is spoken "Papiamento", a Creole-Portuguese language influenced with Spanish, African and Dutch.
Given the wonderful day, we go immediately to what is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Eagle Beach!
The bus "Arubus" travels along the coast and, in less than 10 minutes, it brings us to this beach which looks like a postcard!

Fine white sand, coconut palm trees that give a some shade, a so clear sea that you can snorkel almost without wearing the mask.

We enjoy this morning relaxing with our children and it is fun to play with them on the shoreline while they look around, wide-eyed and amazed!

In the afternoon we take a short island tour with Javier. Our driver tells us some stories and anecdotes about the island as we head to its most hidden soul.

From the top of "Casibari Rock" we have a view of almost 360 ° of Aruba, from end to end, remember that this is the smallest of the former Netherlands Antilles.
Going around with our van we have the opportunity to see where and how the locals live, the real Aruba, away from the 5 stars resorts of the coast.

It’s amazing driving through a path surrounded by thick fat and thorny plants that leads to the small church "Alto Vista", whose sides there are all the various stations of the Via Crucis and from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea.

The picturesque chapel of "Alto Vista", a remote church dating back to 1750 and now present on all the stamps.


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