21 march Kralendijk (BONAIRE)

At dawn we enter the small port of Kraledijk (Dutch koralendijk which means "reef").

The capital of the island of Bonaire, with its 3100 inhabitants in an area of ​​288 square kilometers, is a special municipality of the Netherlands.

Together with Sint Eustatius and Saba is part of the BES Islands (or Caribbean Netherlands).

This small island is a paradise for divers, as well as advertised on the license plates (Divers Paradise).

We go straight to the first nearby beach... the water is so clear that you can see large colored fish even from the sidewalk above the beach!

Simon and Gianluca take the chance for a refreshing swim while we relax in the shade of a coconut palm. A pod of dolphins suddenly comes out of nowhere but, after a pirouette, disappears again!

The town is very small and numerous buildings, pastel colored, contribute to its charm.

We wander among its little streets where life goes slow and relaxed.

A Chinese supermarket, almost desolate, an anonymous hotel before a colorful yellow church, many shops for divers, a Surinamese restaurant: this is the historic center of the small capital of Bonaire.

At 14.00 we set sail again: 24 hours of sailing up to the magical island of Grenada!



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