22 march Saint George's (GRENADA)

The most southern of the Antilles, Grenada, is yet another natural paradise.

The port is located in the capital Saint Geroge's and seems to be straight out of an old watercolor depicting a charming village by the sea, where colonial-era buildings blend with the bright Caribbean homes.

This is the heaven and the capital of spices, nutmeg in the first place, which is so important that it  even appears in the beautiful and colorful national flag.

You need to get lost in its narrow alleys if you want to meet the real Grenada, the one of Rastas who sing the songs of Bob Marley face up to their wooden stalls and selling all sorts of spice, the one of the "mami" by the gigantic breasts that gather in small bags 5-6 tomatoes for sale, the one of the students by white uniformscoming out of school, with the policewomen with black knee socks, of those who give you the change in the Eastern Caribbean dollar, which asks you news of Roberto Baggio or if Cristiano Ronaldo was Italian too!

Grenada, after the old Netherlands Antilles, amazes you because here you do not feel you're in a tropical Europe but in a real island, the one ofthe legendary pirates!


'"Who is afraid of every clouds: never leaves"

- Paul Morand.



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