23 march Fort de France (MARTINIQUE)

At dawn we enter the territorial waters of Martinique. The entire island is covered by mountains between which stands the top of the Pelée volcano.

We anchor in Fort de France, the capital which is lapped by the warm waters of the CaribbeanSea, its city center, with St LouisFort, the colorful fruit market and the gardens of "La Savane" are a real treat for the eyes.

Its bustling narrow streets are lined with anonymous offices, department stores and dilapidated buildings of the early 900 with wrought iron balconies.

We begin our visit by usual post office... naively I am hoping to find a few stamps, even for collectors, from Martinique but soon the clerk, almost annoyed, says, sour, they have only French stamps because here we are in France! It seems to me to be in the Caribbean but this thing will come back several times in the course of the day as if it was a credit to them!

It’s not nice where I can not see even a flag of Martinique, only the French tricolor! At least in New Caledonia there were the local flags waving everywhere... and they even had their own stamps!

The Bibliothèque Schoelcher is the most visible of Fort de France, almost a landmark and it is located in a multicolored building a little chic, surmounted by a dome in the Byzantine style. The interior is home to a yet still functioning library.

We wander aimlessly on busy streets full of shops of Chinese clothing or souvenirs.

We pass by the Palais de Justice, the colorful Spice Market, till the Ethnographic Museum with exhibits of various football games in which the local Martinique team took part... and not the French one, this time!

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