Four days in Barcelona...

I love December... and since Nora is in our life: even more!
I love the lights of Christmas, the smell of roast chestnuts in the air, the cinnamon in the biscuits, the cold and the taste of hot chocolate in a pastry...

Looking on line we have found some cheap flight to Barcelona ... we can’t miss this opportunity and bring Nora to sing: "... Feliz Navidad ...".

One hour and 40 minutes flight later, where Nora has not slept at all, we reach our destination.
We will spend 4 days in Catalonia, one of which in Tarragona... and if you want to follow our itinerary here it is outlined for you!

Landed, we buy T10 combined ticket, a sort of subscription of 10 metro-bus or train tickets costing only 9.90 euros that we will use throughout our stay, very convenient if you think that a single ticket costs 2.15 euros! Thanks to it we can reach the center paying 0.90 euros instead of 6 euros with the Airbus!
We comfortably get off in Passeig de Gracia and reach easily our hotel: Retrome that will host us during these days.

We will spend 4 nights here and we have chosen a delicious apartment, spacious, clean, furnished with designer pieces and very bright given the beautiful terrace. Here everything is in the right place, everything follows a certain style. There is a beautiful and decisive mark of character in every detail.

Breakfast is amazing. The fragrant croissants, the fresh smoothies. We had fun making waffles with maple syrup, Nora was fascinated almost like you were doing magic!

Retrome is what you need when you decide to visit a city like Barcelona and when in the evening, tired, you come back "home" to relax: you can really do it ...

We arrive in the late afternoon in a Barcelona wrapped in a truly amazing Christmas atmosphere.

On November 30th they celebrate “the shopping night”, officially the search for gifts starts!
We have had a lot of fun, lots of stalls, lights, free products!


We take advantage of the free walking tour to spend a couple of pleasant hours. We wander around in the Gothic area and Rosy, our Irish "guide", makes us really passionate about the visit and, thanks to the many anecdotes and stories she makes us discover the hidden corners in a really special and suggestive way.

The afternoon is dedicated to Casa Batlò and Casa Milà. Quite expensive but worth it... we recommend booking online to save money but you will not avoid the € 26 admission ticket!
Its beauty is disarming. At every step it is like returning children, you do not know what to look. The colors, the windows, the stairs, the walls... the highlight is for sure its stunning roof! Awesome, there is no other word to describe it... if only the ticket cost a little less would be even better!

We stroll along Passeig de Gracia far and wide and we enjoy some delicious tapas with a nice fresh sangria .... isn’t there a better welcome?

Before going to sleep, we book online, the entrance of the Sagrada Familia for tomorrow at 4 pm ... we can not wait!


Today we collect the ARTICKET which will allow us to visit 6 museums at a price of 30 euros instead of 60!

So what are we waiting for?

Let's start with Picasso Museum!
Amazing! Thanks to the audio guide we have been really able to fall into the works. Color, genius and madness.


Ok we have filled our soul! Now let's go to the CCCP .... where are we now? Nora would wonder.
This is a highly recommended museum if you have children. Free to roam, touch and experiment. Satisfied, we head to eat a churros with hot chocolate and then continue with the museum of modern art ....  Mark doesn’t like this kind of art very much, if I have to tell the truth, neither do I, but Nora has enjoyed it a lot, always running around and wondering of every sculpture!

Miro Foundation has been wonderful as well, it’s located on the hill of Montijuic and if you can, get there on foot, you will love it. Surely one of the most complete collections of the artist. Excellent audio guide service to understand the different works.
Time to eat something... we follow Mark in one of his favorite places to eat a boccadillo with Iberian jamon, simply excellent, he has a particular flair to find the right places to savor this delight... or maybe, just because wherever you go you can’t miss it!
La Sagrada Familia is one of those places where you can spend the whole day. Every time we visit it, we notice different details. We choose to visit it at 4 pm following our friend Chiara’s advice, because it is almost the sunset and lights make the place magical, you can’t help standing upside down in this place. Wonderful... there is nothing else to say!
Tomorrow we go to Tarragona ... so buenas noches ...


From Passeig de Gracia we catch the train (8 euros) to Tarragona, and in 50 minutes we get to a nice little town on the sea, full of things to see and to taste. We immediately go to buy the "entrada conjunta als recintes" which, with 7.40 euros, allows you to visit the 4 main attractions of the city.

We start from Maqueta de Tarraco (free admission), it is a miniature reconstruction of the city in the 2nd century. From there, passing under the arch on your left we go up along Passeig Arquelogic (1st ticket attraction). It is a walk through Roman walls and medieval fortifications, with ancient cannons guarding and Roman artifacts all around.

The second stage: the Torre Romana (Pretori Roma); not far there is the wonderful Amphitheater where the gladiators used to fight, nothing impressive if you know Rome well, however, in this background, it has its charm! (third stage)

For lunch we go to the Mercado Coperto (a mini Boqueria) along the Rambla Vieja (mini rambla) where you can taste a marisco paella or a boccadillo of jamon (just to change with!).

Behind the market there is the last of the 4 attractions included in the ticket: the Forum Local Rome, ruins of the basilica and a Roman road.

The day goes to an end but, ten minute walk, you reach the Serrallo to enjoy a romantic sunset over the sea and a nice dinner of fish before returning to Barça!

In 50 minutes by train we are again in the Catalan capital!

Just out of curiosity, for this day trip we have spent per person:

Train (both ways) € 16, museum ticket € 7.40, lunch and dinner € 25.  


Today we relax in Barcelona. From Passeig de Gracia we go to Plaza Catalunia, then the Ramblas. We stop at the covered Boqueria market where we eat jamon, paella and drink two excellent fresh fruit smoothies.

We wander through Raval Quarter and arrive at the Maritime Museum, free on Sundays (as all museums), crossing the street we are in the Barceloneta area and the port where we have fun feeding the seagulls.

Nora, first intimidated, then goes looking for them…

The sun is setting while we already recall all the many activities and experiences lived in these few days. Nora has discovered new things, tasted different flavors and met another little piece of this wonderful world!

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