25 march Basseterre (ST KITTS AND NEVIS)

When in 1493 Cristoforo Colombo sighted the island during his second voyage to the New World, he christened it: "San Cristoforo", later shortened to St Kitts.

To give a name to the neighboring island Nevis, Colombo remade the Spanish word "Nieves" (Snow), perhaps because the clouds that cover the surrounding mountains reminded him of the snowy summits of European mountains.

St Kitts and Nevis are the oldest British colonies in the Caribbean region.

With a private van, we depart to discover this small island. We follow one of the only two roads along the coast of the Caribbean Sea, on the other side there is the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

We enter into a path surrounded by the living and impenetrable nature where, every so often, you can see some small monkey, endemic animal and quite common here.

We visit what, in the past, had been a rum distillery and which now had only old ruins under the shade of avocado trees and coconut palms.

Nicholas, our driver, tells us that in the south of the island they are beginning to build resorts, hotels and golf clubs... as in Aruba... Hopefully they will not spoil too quickly this island that seems to maintain its tropical identity and not globalized by mass tourism.

We return to Basseterre, the capital, the center is the "circus", a roundabout with a green clock tower; this is the place where slaves were sold in the past.

Around you see many Indians who run the various shops bootleg and counterfeit things, rasta blacks who walk very relaxed, schoolboys with dark uniform who are getting out of school.

Sitting in a small café, not far from Independence Square, a small park with very old trees, drinking the famous local beer "Carib", we wait for the sunset and the end of another wonderful day in the Caribbean.

"Take your life in the hand and make a masterpiece"

- K. Wojtyla -


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