The constant trade winds caressing a channel dotted with islands, lapped by weak currents and hundreds of protected bays.

During his second trip to the New World, Cristoforo Colombo was led by the Caribbean in an archipelago of pristine islands, which he called "Santa Ursula y las onces mil virgenes", in honor of a princess of the fourth century who was raped and killed by the Huns. Santa Ursula still remains an important symbol so much so that it is even represented in the local flag.

One hundred years later, the English pirate Sir Francis Drake and Jack Hawkins began to use the islands as a base during their attacks on Spanish ships.

Then the French pirates and Dutch privateers arrived, it was known that these islands possess some of the safest and unattended ports of the West Indies. In the end, many places became known hideouts for pirates.

I have been quite disappointed from Road Town, the capital, which has very little to offer the curious visitor.

Strolling through the center we saw the walls of HM Prison, the prison of the 18th century, a veritable fortress used as a prison where, at night, often happen to hear the voices and music coming from the cells of prisoners who listen to the radio.

What a strange place this British Virgin Islands, a British colony whose the British has nothing! You drive on the left, using the US dollar, there are all the most important American franchises... oh no ... they have the Union Jack flag, sorry!

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