28 march St John's (ANTIGUA & BARBUDA)

In Antigua, life is a beach!

We are on the island of 365 beaches! We need a sabbatical year to discover them all: one perday. Although our taxi driver tells us that in the end, they always go to the usual 4-5 beaches, postponing to tomorrow the discovery of new ones!

Antigua is also a paradise for VIPS who come here to spend the winter: Eric Clapton, Giorgio Armani, Ken Follett, just to name a few, have here their winter residences!

His countless rocky coves and its irregular coastline hides dozens of beaches dream, while the secluded bays have given shelter to many ships, from Admiral Nelson to those of the various pirates!

We anchor in St John's, the capital, immediately impressed by the typical British atmosphere, with its narrow streets dotted with wooden houses in bright colors.

With a taxi we reach the peaceful Dickinson Bay where we spend a morning relaxing on a white sandy beach with beautiful water!

"Walking you learn about life, walking you know things, walking you heal the wounds of the day before.
Walking upon a star, listening to a voice, following in the footsteps of other steps.
Walking seeking life, healing the wounds left by the pain.
Nothing can erase the memory of the progress made. "

- Ruben Blades -


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