The St Vincent and the Grenadines names bring to mind a number of exotic and idyllic images of island life. The imagination is not far from the truth.

Behold, an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea still not much exploited for tourism: white sand beaches on deserted islands, crystal clear waters lapping the shore.

We anchor in Kingstown, the bustling capital that retains the characteristics of the colonial era thanks to the cobbled streets where its inhabitants ran frantically.

I love crossing schoolboys groups who go to school, each with its own uniform according to the school of origin, this is a legacy left by the British!

The remoteness of this and other islands from the rest of the world has created a very special culture, a strong desire to emulate what they see on TV. The musical preferences seem closely related to the various generations. Rastas, no longer young, appreciate the relaxed rhythms characteristic of old legends like Bob Marley; the youngsters are, instead, attracted by American rappers and almost try to emulate the look.

I liked Kingstown for his disorder and for the kindness of its people. Many have almost accompanied me when I have asked about the post office!

I wanted to know more about the local culture and its magnificent islands but time is often tyrant so, on board a local PMV, crammed with kids, strollers and a host of locals, we go to Villa Beach, one of the many beautiful beaches!

We are completely stuck to one another as we go along landscapes of a shocking nature, remember that here the trilogy "Pirates of the Caribbean" has been filmed!

We spend the whole day relaxing in the sea... what hard life!


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