26 may Athens (GREECE)

Backpacks are ready, Lonely Planet as well, idem cameras and video cameras ... - "stroller, baby carrier and baby bottle?" - Ready!

Here we go!

The mythological, ancient Greek flag waves imperiously in the small square of Monastiraki.

The Acropolis looks stern from the top... majestic columns  witness that in another time Greece has been "magna", frantic tourists everywhere, scent of lamb or koulouria (the characteristic tares of sesame) , fruit vendors call the crowd screaming...

We get to the Flea Market of Monastiraki right away: many shops sell ancient or old items, unnecessary junk food with a myriad of souvenirs!

A plate of Greek salad (with a sublime feta and olives) and a souvlaki (meat skewers) of lamb at Thanasis officially welcome us and make us finally feel in Greece!

Greece: cradle of democracy, the Olympics, civilization, mythology, great philosophers and thinkers...

27 may Athens (GREECE)

[Stefy]: "Ancient Agorà. You have the impression of entering another era ... it would seem almost normal to meet Socrates, seriously leaning on a column while exposing his thought or Saint Paul preaching Christianity.

You are enchanted admiring the stoa (a two-storey gallery) built by Attic, king of Pergamon, 150 years before the birth of Christ or the Temple of Hephaestus, the greatest Doric example of all Greece ... or the beautiful Byzantines frescoes in the church of the Holy Apostles ...

Not far away there is the Library of Adriano and Roman Agorà with the door of Athena Archegetis and Wind Tower,  each side facing a cardinal point and it’s characterized by a figure representing the wind associated with the various directions.

At Syntagma Square, every hour there is the change of guard ceremony, we can not miss it. The military ceremony is very solemn and choreographic at the same time even for their particular march!

Nora looks around sitting in her stroller, she looks at the stalls, at the street vendors, greetings all and even  offering some rare smile!

In the afternoon we wander inside the large Varvakios market of meat and fish. I’m impressed by the  lamb heads hanging here and there ... we can’t help buying many different types of  olives and we taste everything we are offered to."

28 may Athens (GREECE)

Today it is raining but we are not discouraged.

We visit the wonderful AcropolisMuseum, modern and well organized, we learn so many things about the history of the Parthenon!

Even Athens, like many other cities in the world, has been conquered by many peoples over time, and here is this ancient temple of the Hellenic gods transformed first into the Church, then into a mosque until it is completely destroyed and spoiled...

We admire the many antique exhibits on display, gold coins, pots, shields, weapons, fragments of statues ...

We dine at Athenswas, an exclusive tiny restaurant right in front of the Parthenon! We taste some traditional dishes, revisited in a very modern style and with a creative touch, here is the greek salad becomes an "ode at the Greek salad" or the delicious bass until the "galactoboureko"! Everything is divine.

The Acropolis at last! It is very exciting to follow those ageless paths that have witnessed the transformation of humanity since its creation (VII century BC) to nowadays...

We stare at these perfect and proud columns that for centuries sway to the sky controlling the immense city, by the white houses.


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