03 june Piraeus (GREECE)

Day of mere transfer... from the Peloponnese we move to what is considered the most dangerous area of ​​all Greece: the notorious port of Athens!

Ktel, the general bus terminal of the capital, is frenzied and it’s hard to find the right bus stop, even because it’s located outside the structure. We even catch it in the wrong direction and end with spending more than an hour on the bus...

We stay at the humble "Adonis" hotel, not a great choice, we decide to immerse ourselves immediately in the chaos of the port area between taxi drivers, bad guys, sailors and loose sellers of fake iphone7!

The first impact is definitely negative but we get to a pedestrian area framed by many fashionable boutiques and soon our impression changes and we start to appreciate the Piraeus too!

Fast lunch at "Poseidon" with souvlaki and chickenkebab, a romantic waterfront with small yachts moored, trendy bars populated by Athenians and oranges (dirty for the smog) along the avenue!

04 june Naxos (GREECE)

[Stefy]: "I'm writing from the balcony of our apartment! The sun is falling and a pleasant aroma scented with roses caresses my face ...

We are in Plaka, on the island of Naxos, the first of the two Cycladic Islands we are going to visit on this trip; we are hosted by Annio Studios! It is a very new structure with pure white walls, pastel-colored interior, all smelling of wood, the decor is very minimal and clear and it gives you a sense of peace! "

05 giugno Naxos (GREECE)

There are places you had never heard of before, but once you've discovered tem, you would not leave them anymore!

Even today: an entire day dedicated to the sea... a small beach bathed by the crystal and clear Aegean water...

After playing a bit with Nora: she has fallen asleep giving us a couple of hours of relaxation!

In the afternoon we reach, on foot, Agia Anna, the search for a mayireia (traditional tavern) for dinner becomes a reason to go without a goal and, after a big hedge, a small nudist beach, we sneak in front of one of the most picturesque orthodox cappellets never seen!

06 june Naxos (GREECE)

Here is our sweet Naxos routine: comfortable wake up, light breakfast, warm baby bottle, two coffee breaks, play with Nora on the shore, relaxing on the beach, snack with Greek salad and sunset stroll...

07 june Santorini (GREECE)

“Picturesque”! There is no more exacting term to describe the magical Santorini.
It's just like I expected it!

Santorini is a series of labyrinthine cobblestone lanes and traces of donkey’s manure; these little paths rise and fall, every step is a new glimpse, a romantic and sweet panorama; its narrow streets go back and forth again wrapped in their pure white interspersed with an intense blue; they cross over for a moment but then climb to the top of this volcanic island or plunge to the sea... on one side: an oil painting, on the other: fancy shops selling souvenirs...

The pungent flavor of tzatziki (homemade Greek yougurt with cucumber and garlic) and the aroma of grilledsouvlaki are just the taste of a huge gourmet repertoire to discover!

We stop by the historic "Mama'sHouse" and we enjoy also the "domatokeftedes" (stuffed tomato meatballs) and an excellent "saganaki" (fried goat cheese)!

08 june Atene (GREECE)

... and after a van, a bus, a ferry, a train, a subway and 20 minutes’ walk to search our new Athenian apartment: we are back in the Greek capital!

We are in the Keramikos area, which we already know quite well. The area is very cute, lively, full of alternative locals each with its own personality; there are no tourists around, only Athenians who savor the ouzo (famous aniseed liquor), this is anice aperitif and it has become a means of spending some time lazy with friends!

09 june Atnens (GREECE)

We miss out on the stalls of Thissio, today is Saturday morning and there is the antique market with old items, stamps, coins, military souvenirs, books and so on.

We enjoy this last day as Athenians! The streets of the center swarm of tourists, in Syntagma Square they are organizing a gay pride, from the surrounding Orthodox church some faithful get out after the religious function, a pair of gipsys ring the accordion, an old man sells lottery tickets, a  distinct lady show of bracelets made by her... sitting at the faithful Thanasis, enjoying the last Greek lunch, we admire Athens that passes before us, like an old documentary!

χάρη Ελλάδα


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