08 september Tehran (IRAN)

Iran intimidates you... Khomeini's hard look showed in the posters scattered around the city seems to warn you and remind you to "behave well" in this Country that will host us.

"To behave well" is relative in a Country where the military control the women's veil, where boyfriends and girlfriends can not walk hand in hand…

We are impressed by free Iranian courtesy, they do their best to help you when they see you in trouble with a map on their hands on the street, they always try to chat to you to hear stories from another world , a world far away and often forbidden by local bureaucracy but above all to tell... to explain their history and break down the ancient prejudices that still "brake" western tourism. Their spontaneous friendliness and courtesy is disarming.

You see that the girls are tired of this veil, you see how they wear it, revealing almost all the head... there is air of change, of modernization!
We fly with Iran Air, flagship company, a great choice both for the convenience of direct flight and for the general organization.

Tehran is immense! It counts a dozen million inhabitants who actively contribute to make the city's hellish traffic! It's really hallucinating, without rules, all these old shaky cars that circulate, almost touch you, choke you with their poisonous gases.

We are hosted by Meysam, his wife Tina and her daughter Parmisa; they welcome us with a typical Iranian dinner, sitting on the ground, on various Persian carpets, with local specialties, we spend a nice evening in friendship.

09 september Tehran (IRAN)

We immerse ourselves in the tentacular alleys of the Grand Bazaar, the nation's largest market; it's like a city in the city, it has 10 sq. km of covered shops, it's Iranian Wall Street, the place where pricelists are set, it includes several mosques, pensions and even a church.

Golestan Palace. World Heritage, this monument to the glories of the qajar dynasty lies in what once was the heart of Tehran. The Palace is embellished with sophisticated decorations, paintings, European-style mirrors that testify the obsession of the rulers of the time for Europe and France.

[Stefy]: "Iran is amazing: when you walk, people greet you, many play with Nora, give her candies, bread and caresses, whispering:" welcome to Iran ".
If only I think that everyone at home told us: "be careful, do not trust anyone" ...

No way, today at E-Shahr park, some girls has invited us to their picnic offering us the and fruit. Their kindness leaves you speechless."

10 september Tehran (IRAN)

Museum of Persian carpets. I had never considered the immense work in the creation of these works of art. It's amazing the difficulty of details, the large number of knots of fabric per cm or millimeter. I saw some carpets measuring 70-80 knots in 7 cm... wow

Now I realize the reason for their value!

We catch a taxi, with "Snapp", and we reach the Tajirish Bazaar.
"Snapp" is an extremely useful app in Iran, you request a lift from one point to another in the metropolis, when accepted, you get the driver's data and the price, very cheap... we'll use it every day in larger cities.

Tajirish Bazaar, is a very colorful market where merchants sell everything. Its narrow alleys are very crowded, the smells of freshly ground coriander mix with those of various incense. It is exciting to wander around without a fixed destination.

11 september Yazd (IRAN)

Today we fly to the south of Iran, in the desert area, we just hope not to get too hot.

With its winding, narrow alleys true labyrinths done with mud, the wind towers and the low houses of the old town, Yazd welcomes us in a warm afternoon!

The tall bagdir (wind towers) built to gather every smaller, warm air movement that, passing through a cool water bath, refreshes and it’s spread it by giving it a cool air!

Nestled between the northern desert of Dasht-e Kavir and the southern part of Dasht-e Lut, Yazd is a small jewel in the south.

We are staying at the Silk Road Hotel, an old traditional house, in front of Jameh Mosque. A magical and picturesque place. The interior courtyard is very well cared, elegant in its folklore, there is a small water tank in the center and many sofas all around. A good indoor restaurant gives you the opportunity to taste many local specialties, I have loved a tasty camel meat! They can even organize many activities for you in order to enjoy and live at the best the surrounding area. Thanks Alì for the warm welcome.


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