16 september Isfahan (IRAN)

In Jameh Mosque, we meet Alì, a young imam, sitting behind a small table with a sign: "free talk about Islam". It is always very interesting to confront people so different from us and we take advantage of exchanging two chats with him. Alì is a student of the Koran, wearing a brown tunic and a black turban (which indicates that he is a distant descendant of Muhammad).

He is a religious and, as such, a reference point for people who can consult him for any moral problem....

[Stefy]: "Bozorg Bazaar. I'm impressed by women's dresses, colorful, shorts, brilliant, glamorous underwear, high-heeled shoes... then you look around and see all women covered in black...

You wonder how life can be at home, with their families, during their parties... women are so beautiful and, under those veils, they hide a real world. Careful to makeup, nail art, body care. "

17 september Abyaneh (IRAN)

Abyaneh, a picturesque small village and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its steep and winding alleys, made of mud and stones, wind up between ocher-colored houses with grilles at the windows and small, fragile wooden balconies.

Nestled at the foot of Mount Karkas, Abyaneh is facing to the east to receive the maximum of sunshine; in winter it must be very cold here... the houses were built alongside each other to defend themselves from the frequent incursions of the predons...

It is a 2500 year old town with very few inhabitants at about 2000 meters above sea level.

Women wear florists chador and men long and very wide black pants, they have even kept their archaic dialect.

Getting into this small village has been like stepping back in time.

18 september Kashanh (IRAN)

[Stefy]: "It's hard to describe the beauty of the ancient Iranian traditional houses. We visit Khan-e-Abbasin. A complex of six buildings on different levels, the stucco on the walls are exceptional, the windows, mirrors: light for the eyes...

Khan-e-Tabatabei. Built in 1834 by a wealthy carpet merchant, it is characterized by intricate reliefs sculpted in stone; the stained glass, the stuccoes and the mirror room will impress every camera!

We enjoy a beautiful view of the city from the roof of Sultan Mir Ahmed hammam. The interior is all tiled of yellow and blue... who knows how it would have been at the time of the Sultan! A place by one thousand and one night!

Kashan is the richest city in Iran in terms of architecture. Everywhere you go there are caravanserais with breathtaking ceilings.

We stay at the "Khane Irani", an old, finely decorated traditional house. Nora is having fun and getting wet next to the central water tank trying to grab the red fishes, fig trees and pomegranates offer a bit of shade... it’s a very elegant and aristocratic house... a little gem. "

19 september Kashanh (IRAN)

[Stefy]: "We have lunch in a very old traditional house: Negin. Elegant and sober, huge with a great restaurant. This facility also helps the less fortunate kids in the city, one more reason to take a leap here during Kashan's visit.

Curiosity: it is said that the Magi have departed from Kashan to honor the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. This could be true as the Magi were Zoroastrian priests. "

20 settembre Tehran (IRAN)

[Stefy]: "We leave Kashan to return to the capital. The trip, three-hour on the VIP bus, passes quite fast; then we expect one hour by taxi in the congested, busy and polluted Tehran.

Well, maybe this is the only thing I do not like about Iran: its uncontrolled and sometimes dangerous traffic, no rules and the suffocating smog!
How great these Iranians are. Everywhere we have met special people who, with free courtesy, have tried to welcome us in the best way. They are beautiful, they are pure!

You see very careful dads with their children and their wives, sweet in their manners. Many have confided to us that they would not want their wives to wear the veil but the state imposes it; they would like to see them free, free to express themselves! How many prejudices the world has against all that is related to Islam."

"Go where you want but on the road that your husband wants" - Iranian proverb

How many times I have been told, as for false prejudices: "We Iranians are like Westerners..." ...No way dear friends... you are much better than us!

21 september Tehran (IRAN)

We stay at the Diplomat Suite, a place out of the ordinary. A huge two-floor apartment, all for us, with several bedrooms, an open-plan lounge with a dozen sofas, several bathrooms and even an indoor sauna! It’s a great choice for whom choose to visit Tehran and looks for comfort in an elegant area.

[Stefy]: "We spend the last few hours in the vast park of Sa'd Abad where we visit the White Palace, the summer residence of the Shah and we are enchanted by a 140 square meter carpet with 150 knots per inch. Impressive!"

In a few hours we will leave this wonderful Country that has taught us so much but with the awareness that we will come back here again soon!

Thank you Iran


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