31 may Minsk (BELARUS)

Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is one of the most underrated destinations in Europe.

But the wind is starting to change; from February 2017, in fact, travelers can enter Belarus by showing only the passport, without a tourist visa I mean, up to a maximum of 5 days. This offers great opportunities to learn more about the history of a country that is still pretty unknown to most travelers.

We decide to stay at the "Sport Time Hotel", a great choice in the modern area of the city and a stone's throw from the futuristic Minsk Arena, the big sports center!

Modern, cool, with a great staff, it's for sure the ebst choice if you visit Minsk!

In Minsk we are immediately struck by the green of the parks, everywhere, immense and cared for, remember that green is one of the most beloved colors to Belarusians, also present in the flag (symbol of hope and nature) along with red (blood and national pride) in addition to the side string reminiscent of union and attachment to traditions!



01 june Minsk (BELARUS)

"Island of tears", an impressive island along the city's main river, connected by a bridge and built in memory of those killed in the conflict in Afghanistan...

There is a large statue with many women holding a candle, a jar, all symbols of hope... the hope to see their loved ones return from that distant land. There are also many rocks, each bearing the name of an Afghan mountain, so high for the Belarusians who have a flat land!

We visit the Trinity Suburb where there is still an old synagogue, now transformed into a museum, or the old colored houses (because in the past there were no street numbers and the houses were recognized by the colors).

We stop in the old city center where the most important Orthodox and Catholic Churches are located... don’t forget that during the Soviet domination, religion was forbidden and all churches were destroyed or transformed into public offices... therefore also the historic center, in the last decades, has been completely renovated and refurbished.

02 june Minsk (BELARUS)

Before leaving, we visit the museum dedicated to the Second World War, a gigantic Soviet-style mausoleum where a large red flag with a sickle and hammer is waving... what a weird feeling! For a moment I felt in the Soviet Union.

The museum is immense, there is so much to show, so much to say and pass on to the new generations because what happened in those terrible years must never happen again.

Here you will hear stories of resistance, oppression, shouts of freedom and harsh regimes. Here you will see places that speak of a story never heard, which I am sure will reserve unexpected surprises for you.

The staff of our hotel offers us an exquisite traditional lunch where, among the many dishes, we taste the famous soup "Borshch", or Boršč ... a special soup that has a very curious history.

It is a soup originating in Ukraine, which is widespread in most of the former USSR countries following the advance of Soviet troops; it is no coincidence that it is bright red, made of beetroot and tomato and has within it the flavor of history, the fallen and the victories.

Ok, we are ready to fly to our new destination!

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