02 february Nungwi (TANZANIA)

We land in the capital: Stone Town ... there are 35 ° ... it's hot and sultry ...

This is the only flight scheduled for today and, at the arrivals, it is a real chaos... I am almost surprised when I see our two backpacks!

The transfer from the small airport to our hotel takes about an hour and a half and what we see from the windows is surprising... sheds with tin roofs, kiosks selling everything, sometimes a mosque, barefoot children playing ball in the dust, people along the banks of the only paved road ...

Finally we reach Nungwi, the northernmost part of the island and the cozy Dodoki Beach!

Open only one year but very well organized thanks to the passion of Makame and his great staff!

We are dead tired and have dinner directly in the restaurant of the small guest house with an excellent freshly caught dorado, barefoot, while Nora builds her first castles of sand ... she could not wait!

03 february Nungwi (TANZANIA)

Silence broken only by the sound of waves crashing on the shore before retiring at low tide ...

We take a stroll in the village to buy some water and snacks, we venture into the picturesque Nungwi with our friend Muba!

It seems to be immediately catapulted into another world: women dressed in colorful dark-blinds (which cover them from head to toe) talk to each other sitting on the ground while cleaning beans or fish caught by men; the elderly play bao (a game with chessboard), barefoot children play with a bike wheel chasing each other ...

04 february Nungwi (TANZANIA)

[Stefy]: "The effect of the tides is incredible.
See all those women collecting the algae, the molluscs, watch the satisfied fishermen getting out of the water with huge polyps, the kids cleaning fishing tools and play among the sketches ... all this with a breathtaking background ...

The ocean has irreproducible colors, magical nuances ... and it is equally amazing to see Nora getting surprised at the bunches of bananas, the freshly caught fish hanging outside our room... for me, this is like making a dream come true, bringing my baby in Africa, in the land I love so bad.

Seeing her play with the other children, looking for each other, running, laughing, speaking only the language of smiles and caresses ... if only we could bring this trust and joy in the “adults world”... "

05 february Nungwi (TANZANIA)

[Stefy]: "Mnarani Aquarium. Here many volunteers work to safeguard the life of wounded sea turtles that would otherwise die.

Even today, many islanders eat turtle meat but most of the fishermen, when they find some wounds on the shore or inside their fish  nets, they  bring them here!
They are not given money in return but, with some of the visitors' offers, useful things for the village are bought!

This center has been open for 23 years and every year new turtles are released in the ocean!
We fed the larger ones, with our feet immersed in the pond while these wonderful creatures come and tenderly nibble at us ... "

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