travel clothing

There was a time when travelling was the event of a lifetime, an event that dressing like to go to the theater (always in those days, however). Just look at any respectable film in black and white, with Ingrid Bergman or Cary Grant, to see a proliferation of tight small tailleurs, coats packages from major large evening clothes. And for the gentlemen wardrobe full of chalky kept in trunks branded with initials engraved. I think about this during a flight of 12 hours no stop, crammed between a tourist in singlet, armpits au naturel and sandals with socks rite, by now abandoned for a foot that "breathe"; and a girl in python shoes and miniskirt that reveals long thighs bandaged from Cigarette socks. I am not saying that we should dress as above, but a compromise between practicality and elegance is not bad. With just a few essential items to achieve a chic-but-I-swear-just-for- chance.

Type: 1) The dancers: magical footwear, recently rescued from the wardrobe of Audrey Hepburn, is one of evidence that God exists: it is comfortable, elegant, it lets you walk the marathons between a terminal and the other without the help Dr Scholls.
2) The cigarette jeans: thanks to Kate Moss, model and icon style who has replicated in elastic version, are a basic ingredient of any travel mise combined with dancers.
3) Pantacollants: other repechage of Lambretta time. Worn under clothes, protect from the look of the businessman sitting beside.

For us it's much simpler: just a monochrome Ralph Lauren polo, comfortable jeans medium-feet wide and a pair of Adidas Stan Smith every time and every place and that's it.

Alessandra Signorelli & Brawler



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