"Dry your tears, Africa!
For having drunk from all the fountains
of misfortune and glory,
our senses opened
at the taste of your forests,
at the magic of your water,
at the caress of your sun
and at the wonder of your dew green.

Dry your tears, oh Africa!
Your children return,
hands full,
fill the soul of love.

They return to dress you with
hopes and dreams. "

- Bernard Dadiè -



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From the marvellous waterfalls in Victoria Falls to Okavango Delta, a romantic sunset in Angola, Himba tribes, Etosha National Park, Namibian Skeleton Coast till Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.


A wonderful trip to a still not very well known Africa. Ghana with strong European slave trade. Togo and its tribes. Benin with its ancient populations, its orphanages, fetishes, voodoo rituals!


A dip in Eastern Africa... from Maasai villages in Kenya, to gorilla in Uganda, from the sad memory of Rwanda to the great parks of Tanzania ...


Sometimes you just feel the need to disconnect the plug and to escape ... Here we are in our relaxing Sharm El Sheikh ...


Many women write to me asking if a trip to Morocco alone or with female friends is safe and secure. Here's my answer!


“The voice of the wind in the desert, the shadows of the camles on the dunes, the music from eveyr elemnt of this Africa, the sky that has a different colour here... "


A wonderful, intense, deep journey into the unknown South-East Africa towards exciting safari in full contact with Mother Nature in all its forms. An adventure that turns into a journey within ourselves!


Even a microscopic island not far from Madagascar may reserve surprises, and unexpected adventures that you can hardly forget. The serenity, calm and peace of the Mauritians should be a lesson for all those who live in the frenetic Western society scanned only by traffic, appointments, work and different stress.


El Alamein. A place of historical memory very dear to me. At last we visit the capital: Cairo with all its wonders, the legendary Alexandria with his "library" in addition to many other towns encountered along our route and discovered by-case...


The secrets of Tutankhamen, the mysteries of the Pyramids and the Sphinx, the greatness of the Egyptian people and civilization has always fascinated me... The reef of the Red Sea, the Bedouins and the meetings with many interesting people will be the main characters of this trip.


From the Italian cold of the end of November I have been projected on a smiling African island not far from the coast of Senegal. The Atlantic Ocean always agitated: home of the Kite surfers, all the adventures and meetings will make this trip unforgettable, here where the "ill of Africa" could really catch you.


In the land where the Italian statesman Bettino Craxi found exile. First taste of Africa between cute dromedaries, boring sellers in the bazaar, around between the oasis of mountain and in contact with the infinite spaces of the Sahara.






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