Danny Kaye said: "Copenhagen is the most wonderful city in Scandinavia."
The Danish capital is fascinating especially for the mix of ancient buildings in contrast with the "new" ones, you will be enthralled by its extraordinary architecture like the Black Diamond, the new Opera by Larsen.
Copenhagen is a very compact city, in fact one of its strengths is its size, the main tourist attractions (except the famous Little Mermaid), are located in the medieval town center...

Tivoli still entertains people for over 150 years, since its opening in 1843. It is, in fact, the oldest amusement park that has survived intact to this day; it includes a fascinating collection of rides, gardens, firework shows, outdoor theater of pantomime, roller coaster and many other attractions.

Nyhavn: the historic port city, with colorful houses of fishermen, famous all over the world! The channel leads to one of the most beautiful passages of the city, the Promenade leading to Kastellet and the Little Mermaid. Here you can find many cafes and you can sample traditional Danish cuisine.
Christianborg: the majestic building, the current set of the Danish Parliament and former royal residence, where there is the possibility of getting free on the high tower 140 mt and enjoy the view over the whole city.
Amalienborg: this elegant building, in the Rococo style, is the official residence of the Royal Danish where every day at 12:00 the changing of the guard takes place. Not to be missed!

Anyway Copenhagen is known above all for the famous Little Mermaid. The first time I went to the pier Langelinje I could not find it, I expected much bigger statue, instead I found myself in front of a bronze sculpture 1.25 m high, however, despite its small size it is always exciting to be in front the representation of a fairy tale.
But not everyone knows what the poor little mermaid has passed in these past 60 years... in 1961 they painted bra and panties and her hair were painted red; in 1963 it was all covered in red paint; in 1964 it was beheaded; in 1984 they amputeed the right arm; in 1998 it was decapitated again; in 2003 it disappeared from its rock but was later found in the sea and in 2007 it was painted pink from head to tail... hopefully it’s getting some peace now!

These are just some things you can do in this beautiful Scandinavian city...
In the meantime, we are ready to discover it with our friends in a few days… byeeeeeeeee


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