Traveling to South Africa? Here some safety tips

South Africa is a loved country. Travelers love to explore the country. However, crime can be a problem in the country.
Like traveling to any other place in the world, if you can manage to follow some basic safety rules, you will enjoy your stay in the country and come back with memories that will be cherished for years.
To make your task simple, we have listed some of the safety measures one should take in South Africa.

If you are planning to hire or borrow a private vehicle, be alert. Your car doors should be always locked, and you should make sure that you do not leave your valuables anywhere in your car. If you want to keep it in your car, keep them under the seats.
Parking can be an issue too, especially during nighttime. Choose security-patrolled or well-lit parking areas. You can even pay a small fee to the street security guards to keep an eye over your car.
If you are planning to use tour operators or travel and transport services, make sure that you choose reputable service providers only.  

ATM card
While withdrawing money from ATMs, one should always look for an ATM that is located in the busy streets.
If your card is withheld by the machine, approaching the bank is important. The executives can help you release the card. If it is a standalone machine, you can call on the helpline number and get help.
If you are using your card at restaurants, make sure that the waiter brings you a portable credit card machine to your table. If not, ask for one.
Lastly, if it is lost or stolen, report it immediately.

National Tourism Information and Safety Line is always available for you. So, if you need assistance, you can call them on 0831232345.
Apart from the noted number, if you wish to contact the police, you can dial 10111 from a landline and explain them the issue. If you are making a call from a cellular phone, you should dial 112 instead.
Mark these numbers and keep is stored in your smartphone or diary so that you can get assistance, when required.

Carry them all the time. Along with your passport, you should carry certified copies of your documents. Don’t carry your original documents everywhere.
In case of loss of passport, your first step should be to contact the South African Police Service and your country’s embassy.

Medical issues
If you are faced with a medical condition, make sure that you are treated by a reputed practitioner only. Yes, the costs for the same would be on the higher side, but you can get a travel medical insurance before leaving your country that will cover such expenses.
Note: If you are traveling from the yellow fever belt of Africa, you will need a certification that proves your inoculation status. An inoculation certificate is valid ten days after inoculation. The same remains valid for the next ten years.

Well, this is not really an issue, but you need to keep yourself safe from the extremely high UVB and UVA penetration that can affect your skin. Protecting yourself from the harmful UV rays in South Africa is important. So, carry sunscreen everywhere you go. Also, wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, especially if you are moving around between 10 am and 4pm.
Planning to buy sunscreen? Buy it on line, you can even save money.

Concluding, these safety tips should help you enjoy your trip in South Africa.
Enjoy it.


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