10 best beaches in the world

Summer time, many of you are writing to us for advice on where to go, especially on sea areas. That's why I decided to write an article about the 10 most beautiful beaches we have visited and lived, I hope it will be useful for your bookings!
Here is a list of the beaches which have affected us the most and left speechless...



The beach of Barzaruto, characterized by white sand and dunes and strips of turquoise and blue ocean. It can be reached by boat from Vilankulo where you will find a comfortable campsite and clean bungalows.


Here you will have a huge selection but I suggest Koh Lanta, an island, an hour by boat from the famous, but in our opinion too touristy, Koh Phi Phi.
Koh Lanta will amaze you with its many beaches, its vegetation and its sunsets will remain forever in your hearts. Do not miss day trips to Koh Ma and Koh Mook.


Bali will offer you a lot. Its temples, ceremonies and friendliness of its people will conquer you. We loved the small beach south of Kuta, you can reach it by scooter in about 30 minutes without traffic. I'm talking about Dreamland... the name itself says it all! White sand and ocean (Indian) turquoise, you'll be amazed to see the nuances of this seascape.

4 BORNEO (Malaysia):

We headed in Borneo especially for its forests and the visit of the orangutan, but one day, from Kota Kinabalu, we have reached a tiny and wonderful island: Manukan, here the colorful fish will accompany you and while you enjoy a nice mango juice, you will not believe the wonder before your eyes!


Once we left for six months through south-east Asia and guess where we decided to end this memorable experience? Yes, in the Philippines. I did not expect to find such a place. We were in the Island of Bohol (Panglao) and one day we got to Balicasag... You could snorkel from the boat, sea colors were indescribable, but the real treat was Virgin Island, a strip of sand at 360 ° along the coast where the various shades create a unique set of magical illusions!


If there is a heaven on earth I had found it in Roatan! Once in life you have to see with your own eyes that this beach called West Bay, and reachable by boat in 15 minutes from West Bay. Personally, this is the best beach ever. Water has an indescribable color, transparent...  a dream!


Costa Rica is a country truly incredible, it will offer everything and more, starting from the volcanoes, through the forests up to the beaches... that's why I wanted to show you the wonderful Nature Reserve of Manuel Antonio. Wild but stunning, one of those places that will make you say: I will be back here!


During our Honeymoon, after some time in Far East Asia, we decided to take a week of relaxation in the island for excellence: Fiji. Here we found an island, an hour away by boat from Nadi: Beachcomber. Have a look at the pictures because the words do not do justice to the place!


Landed in Noumea, we go to Air Caledonie offices to buy a ticket for the Isle of Pines ... we decide to live some day like Robinson Crusoe. In fact we set our tent on the beach in the Bay of Kuto and with a few cans of tuna and rice we spend several days enjoying the nature. Unique experience! White sand, lush green pine trees behind us and before us: a piece of paradise turquoise-green!


We have been around the world and we saw the most incredible wonders, but I would say one thing: Italy as well has nothing to envy anyone, just think of the havens of Puglia, Sicily, Calabria etc... this time I would like to touch on one of the many pearls: Sardinia! Here, wherever you go can not get wrong! One of the most beautiful beaches for me is Stintino: La Pelosa. If you can go in June or September it would be the best choice, in August, you know, there is the mass invasion... but it's worth it at any time of year!

So? Enjoy your bath!


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