How to have an amazing budget vacation in Barbados

The words ‘budget’ and ‘Barbados’ may seem like unusual bedfellows, but for travellers looking to save money on their next trip to the Caribbean here are some of our top tips.

Affordable flights

There are two ways to get to Barbados, the first is via a scheduled stop on a cruise liner and the other is by air. For travellers on a budget, Barbados flights are a much more affordable option. If you choose to fly to Barbados, look for midweek flights that fly out on a Wednesday as these tend to be the cheapest and avoid the cruise ships, which tend to dock at Barbados on Wednesdays.

What you will find

Barbados has been a popular destination for decades, and with white sandy beaches, golf courses, cricket matches and complete relaxation.

While the island gained independence from the UK in 1966, British influences and the legacy of British colonial rule sit alongside traditional Barbadian culture, making the island feel like it has two distinct personalities.

Visitors can choose to indulge in the very English pastime of afternoon tea and then watch horse races at the Garrison Savannah - a very popular race track at the Barbados Turf Club of Christ Church – but they can also choose to have a much more Barbadian experience, by visiting the infamous sugarcane fields on the island and having a drink (or two) of one of the island’s most famous exports, Mount Gay Rum.

How to save money on Barbados

While Barbados can be an expensive island to visit, there are lots of ways to save money on basics, such as food and accommodation.

Great, affordable food

One of the best ways to save money is to eat as the locals do, so buy food from small cafes, specialist shops, and the popular street vendors. Caribbean street food is excellent; spicy, tasty and best of all, filling.

Try roti (curried meat with vegetables in dough) or flying fish (steamed fish in gravy)and you’ll pay a lot less than you would in a larger, more continental (and bland) restaurants.

Great places to find reasonably priced food include Holetown on the central west coast of the island.

Brilliantly priced hotels

When it comes to accommodation, avoid the luxury hotels dotted about the island and concentrate on the East side; where you will find friendly family run hostels and guest houses for very affordable prices.

The quiet town of Bathsheba on the East side is a great place to find accommodation to suit your budget.

Travel on the island

If you’re on a tight budget, there are ways to get around the island easily. Walking is free and keeps you fit, however, this can be exhausting, especially in the hot weather. Rather than booking a taxi, travel like a local and board one of the so-called “reggae” buses, which cost very little and can get you around the island very quickly.

Barbados is packed with activities to keep every traveller entertained and is a much more affordable destination that you think, so what are you waiting for?


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