A week in Sicily

Have you ever happened to be pleasantly shocked by the beauty of a place that, for whatever reason, you have never visited?

Sometimes we organize trips far away and we do not know the wonders that are within an one hour flight from our cities. I'm talking about a little corner of paradise called Sicily.

One day we receive a good news: two dear friends of ours are going to get married in Marsala...

We right away buy two airline tickets and we begin to study what we can discover around.

We land in the evening in Palermo and Luca, the groom, immediately leads us to fill our stomachs... butter arancine, huge icecreams and lemon granita... be aware to go back home with minimum 2-3 kg more on the scale!

The following day we go for a ride to Trapani; from there we take the ferry for Favignana Island, the biggest island of the Egadi.

Crystal-clear sea, good food and absolute peace. It was defined by the painter Salvatore Fiume, "the butterfly on the sea" because of its geological structure.

Along the way back to Palermo we stop in the magical Erice, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Its 750 m seaside location offers guests a picturesque scenery.

Walking through its medieval center, you will be attracted by its churches, there are more than sixty, like St. John the Baptist Church, which stands out against the backdrop of Mount Cofano... unmissable.

Needless to say the delicious taste... you have to try them, there is no other solution.

We spend a full day in Cefalu. We take the train from Palermo and in 50 minutes we arrive at our destination.

The ride is very nice, you can stay with your nose stuck to the window all the time!


We head straight to the beach and being here during the low season, we have the chance to enjoy it not bothered by the great crowd that now has returned to their home nests. We prefer peace to the bustle and chaos... and this time of the year is the best!

After swimming as a small fish in its turquoise sea we decide to go and get something to eat... and once again, the choice is huge!

We spend the whole afternoon in this beautiful town.

La Rocca, the Medieval Wash basin where you can give a shot of life to your circulation with its super icy water, The Cathedral is absolutely unique, a nestling between the Cathedral Rock of Diana and a fabulous sea.  

We spend two full days to explore the wonderful Palermo.

We take a B&B near the city center.

Strolling among its avenues, we are sucked by the extraordinary food perfume coming from one of the many pastry shop, we stand speechless in front of the majesty of the Duomo,  we get confused between the stalls of  Ballarò market eating  prickly pears peeled by a nice gentleman, we wander around the colors of the spices, fruit and the extraordinary kindness of its inhabitants.

Try thousand different flavors of granitas and say every time "this is the best"; eat the sandwich with the spleen at the Vucciria market; stroll around the harbour;  go shopping in the city center; meet incredible characters and fall in love with their world... aware that this city will see us again and again!


Sorry but now we have to rush to the wedding!


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