Monaco: 10 things not to miss (not expensive at all)...

You are in Monaco and you need some tips about what to do? No worries! Here the 10 things you can't miss and not expensive at all... An article written by an excellent and authentic Monegasque that will be very helpful during your stay in the Principality.

Prince’s Palace
The first thing you might want to visit, I guess. You can go inside and see the State Apartments, which are open from April to October (8€ for 40-45 minutes). Situated upon the Rock of Monaco, you have to enjoy the view from here. And every day at 11:55, do not miss the changing of the guard. Really special.

A hundred meters from the Palace, enter the Cathedral of Monaco. Special feature: Prince Rainier III and the Princess Grace Kelly got married inside, and our dynasty is buried there.

Walk in the Old Town

From the Cathedral, have a walk in the narrow streets of Monaco-Ville. One piece of advice: avoid the shops, pretty expensive. You will feel a particular atmosphere walking there, which is the historical district of Monaco.

Oceanographic Museum
You can love this museum rather being a child or a grown-up. Lots of beautiful species, lots of explanations and if you are lucky, you will discover an interesting exhibition. Founded by the Prince Albert Ist, this museum allows you to pet sharks (yes!), visit a turtle’s island, and become an expert of seas and oceans. 14€ for more or less 2 hours.

Walk on the Port
Not necessarily on the guides, but having a walk on the Port is a pretty good idea if you are planning to visit Monaco. When nothing is organized on it (Grand Prix, Jumping, Funfair…), you can fully enjoy the atmosphere and take pictures of the numerous yachts moored.

Casino Monte-Carlo

The Casino is the main reason which makes that Monaco became Monaco. Built in 1893, try to focus on its beautiful architecture. I said try, in the way that you will be disturbed by all the Ferrari and Lamborghini driving on the Casino Square

Exotic Garden

If there is one garden to visit in Monaco, it is this one. Even if you are not a particular fan of exotic plants or caves, you will enjoy the view overhanging the Principality all along the visit.

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is the most underrated garden of Monaco. Less well known than his grand brother, the Exotic one, this garden offers you peace and quiet in the middle of the city. For free. You have to go inside and feel just like you were in Japan. 7.20€ for 1h30.


My favorite place. Whether it is summer or winter, the beach is always stunning. And if you don’t want to go for a swim because of the crowd, just have a walk under the sun. For the sports fan, discover the Champions Promenade, a 200 meters promenade where you can literally walk on the footprints of the best player football players of history. 

Cars Museum

Nothing else that the collection of cars which belong to HSH the Prince of Monaco. 100 classic cars exhibited. A must see. 6.50€ for 45 minutes. It might be less if you are not a fan of cars

What about a drink? Where do Monegasque go?

The Stars’n’Bars is an institution in Monaco. Located on the main Port, this bar gathers locals and tourists in an American atmosphere, really casual. For afterwork, on weekends, in the summer, every occasion is good to have a drink on its terrace, under the sun with the boats just next to you.

The opening of the Brasserie is way more recent than the Stars but it is now part of us in Monaco. This bar brews its own beer, named ‘Monaco beer’, and you can stay there all night long with the DJ who makes you feel good on the terrace.

Every city in the world has its Irish pub. McCarthy’s is the one. I don’t even have to describe it as everyone knows the concept of the Irish pub. Located behind the beach of Monaco.

Just like the Stars, the Gerrard’s has been open for a while. It is one of the few bars in Monaco where a quite simple atmosphere keeps reigning. And probably the bar which has the best waiters.

Tres Tapas
A Spanish atmosphere in the cosmopolitan Principality of Monaco is necessarily a good idea. Plus, it is located in the old district of la Condamine where you meet, normally, only locals.

A Roca
A Roca is not a place you have to visit, it is a shop that proposes local specialties. And no one in Monaco makes better Monegasque specialties than A Roca. This is a piece of advice that tourists do not usually know.

Richard Rizza



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