Yogyakarta: Indonesian jewel

Like a precious string of pearls in a sea, the Indonesian archipelago stretches about 5000 Km with more than 13,000 islands from Asia until the Pacific Ocean.

Indonesia has an extraordinary variety of natural resources and it's inhabited by a large number of different peoples.

There are things that are once seen never forgotten: the flaming sunsets of red and orange on the outfall of the Kapuas Slungai in Kalimantan; the view from high of Kalimutu, in Flores, on the colored lakes inside of volcanic craters; monitor lizards of the famous island of Komodo; the romantic Bali;  the funeral ceremonies of the Toraja highlands of Central Sulawesi and the sunrise from one of the jewels of Yogyakarta, the Borobudur Buddhist pyramid.

And it is in Yogyakarta, the heart of Java, the only province to be still ruled by a sultan, on which I would like to stop.
We state that we travel in backpacker mode, we sleep in hostels and eat where the locals go regularly...  

But we also think that after several days of travel we also can "cuddle" ourselves a little bit, maybe one night in one of the most beautiful hotels in the city...

Ah, of course in the backpack along with tank tops and shorts put, though wrinkled, a cute little dress!

About 40 km from Yogykarta you can admire the temple of Borobudur, it was built between 760 and 825 A.D. and it was mysteriously abandoned in the fourteenth century.

Borobudur was built on a hill, following the pattern of a giant mandala, representing the Buddhist cosmology.

It consists of nine platforms divided into three sections. The pads have an educational role. The scenes represent the story of Buddha, its various incarnations and the path that the faithful must follow to reach Nirvana. The Buddhas, of which there are 432, are found in niches, placed in a row on the outside of the balustrades.

When we travel a fundamental aspect is to immerse ourselves in the local culture, definitely the food culture. We suggest you go to visit the main market of Pasar Beringharjo.

Here you can sample Javanese street food at spectacularly ridiculus prices.

We suggest the lumpia, fried dough rolls, stuffed with soy beansprouts, vegetables, stir-fried noodles with meat and vegetables, served on a banana leaf; or the betawi Soto, a beef soup with coconut milk.

Fruit abounds everywhere, try it all, it's delicious... then if you dare you can try the Durian... and you'll understand the reason why!

You'll love their sense of welcome, their always smiling faces, you will envy their inner peace and their living life with simplicity and respect. I am sure that you will return home with a different awareness and a different way of dealing and facing everyday problems with a better attitude.

What a wonderful trip... so, shall we book?


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