Armenia: an ancient treasure

Armenia is a Transcaucasian Country. This nation has so much to offer in terms of culture, religion, landscapes, nature ...

Most of its territory is mountainous which gives you many possibilities to organize spectacular trekking and see the many extinct volcanoes that characterize it.

Mount Ararat, about 5165 meters high, it's the great protagonist of Armenia. Its profile appears on T-shirts, key chains, ashtrays and chocolates. It's technically located in Turkey but its snow-capped peak is visible from all corners of Yerevan.

Armenia has been the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301 d.c, in the country there are some of the oldest churches in the world. A tour of Armenia make you travel back in time, just think that you have the opportunity to visit in person the house of Noah's Ark! You definitely have to visit Armenia!

Its capital, Yerevan, is an open air museum that can not disappoint anyone.

Here I suggest a visit to these monasteries, it's not mandatory to be devotees or not ... it will surprise you anyway.

- The monastery of Noravank, lovingly restored, is the first site of tourism in Armenia. The complex is located in the valley between the mountains of red rock that form the background, here is the peace that reigns supreme, the interaction with nature is total. You'll never forget this place and the energy that it emanates.

- The Monastery of Haghartsin is one of the most beautiful, especially for nature lovers and trekkers. It is located near Dilijan and is surrounded by green mountains.

- Geghard is a complex of churches and monasteries carved into the rock in a natural setting of sheer cliffs and green fascinating . Tradition reports that in Geghard Monastery was preserved the spear that pierced the side of Christ.

Time to enjoy your taste buds. If you can arrange your trip to Armenia, I recommend you go there in September when the most important Wine Festival takes place which is held in Areni, in the province of Vayots Dzor, about three hours drive from Yerevan.

The event attracts thousands of tourists from Armenia and other countries of the world, especially France, Russia and Georgia. You can attend the folk dances and the Armenian folk music and in Areni church you can listen to hymns sung by the choir.

As for the transport, the rail network is quite limited. There are links between Yerevan, the capital, and the major cities of the country, as Gyumri, Vanadzor and Sevan, as well as an overnight train to Tbilisi. The south and east of the country are not accessible by train.

On the other hand the bus network is excellent. You can move with mashurtka whose prices are very low. There are tourist maps to indicate the bus routes. To stop the bus you have to warn the driver when you see the place where you want to get off.
Armenians are well known for their hospitality and visitors will surely find a nice and cozy environment in any part of the country they go visiting.

You will return home and you'll wonder why you have waited so long to visit this generous and welcoming land!


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