Georgia: in a kitchen of Tblisi

In Georgia the culinary art is a mainstay of their culture.

Every meal is a ceremony always accompanied by good wine.

Georgian wine is, in fact, delicious: Kindzmareuli is a fruity red wine while white ones suggested are: Tsinandali and Gurdzhaani.

The Georgian cuisine is simple, you will find natural and healthy dishes.

If we talk of food we definitely can’t help mentioning the famous: Supra. The Supra is one of the most important traditions of the country. It's a big party with a traditional dinner where Tamada is the head of the table (usually the landlord or the most important person) that offers several toast following a precise ritual. The glasses are not very big but remember one rule: "NEVER sip."

In Georgia, especially if you participate in a party, not to be rude, remember to drink in one gulp.
The ritual of dinner takes two to four hours, it's all a succession of toasts, with continuous stand up and sit back down the diners.

The courses are normally presented on small plates and served with a no logical order.

At the end of dinner, do not worry if you stagger... a good sleep and you will be ready for another great Supra!

In Georgia you will find many dishes to try, but I will list some which surely you will find in almost every restaurant in the country:

Badrijani: Eggplant with garlic and nuts;

Baje: walnut sauce;

Churchkhela: walnuts in grape must, it is dried fruit that is "stuffed" inside a sweet shell (made of grapes with flour and natural gelling added). You will not find these "sweet sausage" in restaurants but in street stalls. It’s their typical snacks.

Khachapuri: focaccia with cheese. During a trip to Georgia, this will be one of your staple foods. You will find it everywhere and you will become dependent... as it has happened to us!

The version that we have loved the most is the one called: "Acharuli"  with melted butter and a raw egg on the top and which cooks in part thanks to the warmth of freshly baked focaccia.

Lobiani: focaccia with beans.

Matsoni: drink made of acid yogurt, often eaten for breakfast.

Khinkali: big ravioli stuffed, the distinction is in the type of pasta, rather dry and supple.

You can eat them with your hands. We have found different types: with a minced meat, with cheese and mushrooms.

Small tip: these “focacce” are as big as a pizza, so if you want to taste more dishes take one in two.

We have spent a week in this wonderful land, you can also find great package tour... and frankly we can not wait to go back because we found, in addition to numerous sights, simple and hospitable people. You will be warmly welcomed. A Georgian proverb says: "Every guest is sent by God" ... now you know what I mean?

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