On the tracks of U2 in a Dublin to discover

Dublin is a city that offers a lot to its visitors, this time we will not give you advices on which restaurants or monuments to visit, but we want to do a deeper journey, a trip into the music of Dublin through one of its legendary groups: U2.

- Windmill Lane is the place where U2 began recording their first album. Here the majority of the fans gathers and leave messages on the legendary U2 wall taking pictures to the non existent anymore recording studio. Hence it makes sense to start this journey on the footsteps of Bono.

Later they moved their studios to Hanover Quay. The studios no longer exist but the wall has become the second "U2 Wall" because full of graffiti fans from around the world. The new recording studio is located instead in Ringsend Rd... Though now they prefer to work directly at Bono’s home!


- The real tourist looking for U2 spirit in Dublin, can’t miss a trip to Earl Street North where you can find Bonavox - Hearing Aid Store, the store from which it is said Bono took inspiration for its name.


- The Dockers Pub, a famous pub so loved by Bono, is now closed and, when he is in the city, it is easier to meet the frontman at O'Donoghue's; nothing to do even for the famous Nude, owned by Bono's brother, who ended a while ago.

- Killiney, 30 minutes south of Dublin, if you wanna see the home of Bono, located in Vico Road: there is a large gate with some of the most important phrases of the songs of U2 and down the slope to the sea there is a wall full of sentences left by fans. It’s still extremely rare that Bono is in this house, as he prefers to stay in his villa on the French Riviera.

- Did you know that at the National Gallery, you can see a portrait of Bono painted by one of the most famous painters of Ireland: Lois Le Brocquy.

- If you go to Temple Bar, you can not miss the Fender Stratocaster that The Edge has dedicated to Rory Gallagher.

- You have to take a walk in Fitzwilliam Square, made famous by the video "The Sweetest Thing" ... it is said that Bono wrote this song after he had forgotten his wife's birthday.

- Cedarwood Road is the street where Bono lived as a child with his family. The road also appears in the video for "Sometimes You Can not Make It On Your Own.

- A place not to be missed is the Mount Temple Comprehensive School. Where Larry put his famous announcement on the bulletin board and formed U2! It is located in Malahide Road.

- A ride to Hot Press Irish Music Hall of Fame, or the local museum on Irish music, especially U2, itis a beautiful experience.

These are, in my opinion, some of the best places that in four days you can visit quietly. It will be a musical journey and a great of experience for sure.

If you will not be able to meet Bono... well, try to go for a beer at a common pub...

It is said that Bono, when in town, he acts as a "medium-Irish", he spends his afternoons and gigs at pubs drinking a beer and not be hassled by hystericalfans!



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