Naples and Amalfi Coast

Many travelers usually ask us to write something about Naples / Amalfi coast... the time has come: here is our tips about a marvelous week that, we are sure, will recharge you with positive power!  

Let’s start in Naples, wander through his small alleys before stopping at Michele’s pizza ... you’ll see a long queue but it’s definitely worth. It is tiled in white and green, tables are all close, here you can’t waste your time chatting, eat your pizza and and give way to others. You can only choose between two types of pizza: margherita or marinara... Personally, one of the best pizzas of my life.

The next day you can take part of a tour at the Royal Palace in Caserta and not because my husband was born there but because the Palace is spectacular and you can’t miss it if you are in the area. In the afternoon you can head back to Naples for a promenade up to Posillipo.

Today let’s dedicate the whole day to Naples and its wonders before going to relax on the shore in a wonderful Amalfi Coast villas. Naples' historical center, among the largest in Europe, will leave you breathless for the uniqueness of the alleys, the friendliness and warmth of the people. You can visit the Basilica of Santa Chiara with its beautiful cloister in majolica, the imposing Cathedral of San Gennaro and the historical workshops of master craftsmen of San Gregorio Armeno, the way of the Nativity.

The next day you can make a wonderful excursion to Capri and enjoy one of the most dreamed places in the world. You will see Villa San Michele, with its beautiful green space where you can admire the breathtaking panorama embracing the port and the Sorrento Peninsula. The Gardens of Augustus, a paradise where you can walk in peace and look back on the Faraglioni, Marina Piccola and the winding Via Krupp. In the late afternoon, by ferry, you can return to Naples.

Another mandatory trip is to Pompeii, you can do it in the morning, visit the famous ruins, another Unesco World Heritage Site.

Here, you can visit the Villa of the Mysteries, which houses beautiful frescoes. In the afternoon you will reach Mount Vesuvius, the undisputed King of Naples: you can get there by bus, but for those who enjoy trekking in the nature, there is the possibility, for a fee, to reach 1,280 meters, following an expert volcanologist guide.

I recommend going to visit the beautiful Ischia and, if you have a few more days, enjoy your time in a spa. It’s less expensive than you can imagine, it will be easy to find hotels with attached spas quite cheap. Ischia is famous for the volcanic activity that results in thermal water that regenerates the body and mind. There are several fumaroles: vapor emissions coming out of the ground where temperatures ranging from 30 to 100 degrees; you can’t miss its beaches as well.

Do you know which is one of the typical recipes of the island of Ischia?
The fumarole chicken! A chicken cooked with the fumarole steam. Easy to prepare, just wrap the chicken in aluminum foil or a cloth, it’ll be cooked underground, in particular cells, near the fumarole, very tasty!

With its 64,028 inhabitants, it is the third most populous Italian island after Sicily and Sardinia.
Many think that "Green Island", the other name by which Ischia is known worldwide, is a reference to the exuberant vegetation of the area. Wrong. Green is the local tuff stone, and, according to most of the scientific community, the particular color is due to the innest of the marine after the sinking and subsequent raising of the magma chamber which has been mentioned above.

Time to leave Naples to Sorrento, famous for its narrow streets with fragrance of lemon and orange groves and in the afternoon; you can reach Positano, a gem surrounded by dense Mediterranean vegetation and known as "the gem of the divine coast". You can stop here to sleep in a dream location and, the following day, reaching Amalfi.  

There are four things to do in Amalfi: get lost in the maze of streets behind the Cathedral, enjoy a sumptuous seafood lunch with a glass of limoncello and visit the old mills used to make paper, in the end spend a marvelous night here. Even the origins of the name of this town, for example, are linked to the name of the legendary Amalfi nymph that Hercules fell in love with.

When the nymph died, Hercules wanted to bury her in the place which he considered the most beautiful of all (just in the Amalfi Coast) and on her tomb, the hero built the new town so that in some way, his beloved became immortal, encircling both by sea and rocks. We can now go back, by ship, to Salerno.

The typical Amalfi coast shows terraces of lemons that are used not only for the classic Limoncello, but their juice is also an ingredient for sweet Baba, the lemon delight, the noodles with lemon and sorbet.

Between June and July, every four years, (alternating with Genoa, Venice and Pisa), the Regatta of the Maritime Republics takes place here, preceded by a colorful procession in costume.

Our holiday is getting over, we can take the chance to visit Paestum where you will see the excavation site, with impressive examples of temples built in the Doric style.

Imagine that the structural system of the temples of Paestum was built with features able of absorbing the wave movements of an earthquake!


What more?

I can only tell you that every time we go to these places, we return home full of energy, sunshine and at least two kilograms more on the scales.




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