White... Then Comes The Blue

Think about that feeling when the travel day turns to an end and you feel  "full" and  good despite of the fatigue of the journey? Well, during this trip around the Magna Grecia, at the end of the day, we have also felt gratitude.

When you talk about Greece, you can’t help considering the amazing, fresh and tasty food. You will not believe it when, after visiting the Parthenon, you will sit at one of the Athenswas’ tables and order one of their magnificent dishes.

The menu, just to emphasize the genuineness of their products, offers just a few dishes, a limited number but of excellent quality. We are talking about not only of rich flavors but of an accurately refined detail in reworking dishes of Greek tradition with genius, creativity and passion.

When the nice maid suggests me to take a Greek salad, I accept the advice and I must admit it was a trifle of colors and flavors but, even more, my sight has been fully satisfied.

The presentation of a plate is very important because many times you “eat” even with the eyes and in this case it was almost a shame to "dismantle" it!

The name of the dish itself was "ode to the Greek Salad"; on the edge of the dish there are tinytomatoes, cucumber curls, peppers, crumbs of black bread... a ball of feta in the middle that, once cut, it let the olive oil fill out like a sublime cream...  an explosion of taste... more than an ode, this is a true poem... and it's just one of many examples because, here, every single dish would deserve a detailed explanation and decantation!

The tasty food journey has obviously continued with colorful delicious desserts!

What to say? A modern taste of the old Hellenic culinary tradition! Thank you Athenswas.

There are places you did not even know about existence before but, once you've lived them, you will carry them forever in your heart.  

A bunch of flowers on the table, your chair on the balcony facing the sea... a glass of red wine like the sunset that greets you at the end of this other day.

We are in Nafplio, guests of the Grand Sarai Hotel!

We have the chance to live an experience in the junior suites of this elegant, rustic-style palace with its highly sought-after interiors.

Nafplio easily conquers you, from the nuances of its architecture you can immediately understand how many people this city has made love with! Its maze of wicker alleys brings you to the ancient Rome, Ottomans baths or fountains, the rhododendrons which fall from the sky or the winged lions  make you feel in Venice while the scent of roast souvlaki reminds you that you are always in Greece.

In this frame the romantic Grand Sarai Hotel is painted and it would not be better anywhere else than here!

Elena shows us our large room, it’s comfortable for those who have a 11 months old baby like us, two beautiful sofas divide the relaxation zone from the sleeping area; the ceiling is high and lined with white lacquered wood, the sandy walls relax your mind, four large windows illuminate the entire room with the color of the sun!

And after a long walk wandering around the old town boutiques: there is nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bath sipping a glass of good wine before getting ready for a sweet candlelight dinner.

Time to leave this magical place but not before enjoying a rich breakfast of tasty products of excellent quality, savoring a bit of Greece also thanks to a fresh yogurt or a homemade jam or even more the famous loukoumades, ball shaped donuts served with honey and cinnamon.

White... and then the blue comes.

We are in Naxos, in Plaka, away from the chaos of Chora and its harbor.

We spend four days in total peace.

The rush of the raft, some colorful pumpkin hanging on the trees, lanterns, herbs and flowers planted in the garden right in front of our flat at Annio Studios.

Here the silence reigns, it’s like to be on another planet; the room is all white, it seems to enter a modern art work! The whitewashed bath relaxes your eyes... after a day at the sea it’s fantastic to take a fresh shower on those artistic tiles!

When you travel with a small child, it’s important to have the chance to cook something particular just for her… Pay a visit at the nearby market: some vegetables, some fruit and some pasta and even cooking in this nice room-flat becomes a nice memory and experience, thanks to the very well-furnished kitchen!

There are also some games for the kids In the green garden, Nora can’t help playing for hours on the slide.

The location is dreamy, it is 80 meters far from a crystal clear Aegean Sea where you can relax and enjoy a cocktail before a refreshing bath.

This tiny paradise is simply fantastic!In the evening, after eating something in one of the many typical “tavern”, it’s inspiring to sit in the garden cuddled by the sound of the sea, flooded by the scent of fresh flowers while listening sweet lullaby by balm-crickets…

What are you waiting for? Take a break and enjoy your life!

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