Relax in Perugia

This time we go to discover a green region, full of traditions, good food, great oil ... I'm talking about Umbria.
The region with the largest number of medieval villages registered in the "Most Beautiful Villages of Italy": exactly twenty-two.

Let's start from its capital: Perugia where the Etruscan walls coexist with medieval ones; two festivals are world-renowned: the Umbria Jazz Festival and the Eurochocolate, the first in July, the second in October, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world.

It is made up of narrow lanes and alleys that you can visit on foot. The heart of the city is IV November Square where you can admire the Fontana Maggiore, opposite the Cathedral of S. Lorenzo and the Palazzo dei Priori where the National Gallery of Umbria is located.
Perugia has a very intense city life because there is also one of the oldest University of Studies in Italy and one of the most important university for foreigners.

From Piazza IV Novembre, take Corso Vannucci and, after looking at the fine showcases, you will get to a panoramic terrace worthy of a postcard.
I'm sure you are getting hungry now after this long walk... no worries at all...  you can choose between many typical restaurants, kiosks, bistro and elegant cafés.
Wherever you go: you will not regret it, the products that this land offers are excellent, genuine and always fresh.

But after a day wandering around between the halls and the slopes of this city, there is nothing more beautiful than to go back to a place nestled among the olive trees, where peace reigns.

Your ears will hear only the background cicadas and the noise of the leaves of the wicked waves; while you relax in your little terrace during a sweet sunset.
This location is amazing, only a few miles from Perugia but seems to be in a distant magical place at the same time, in one of those fabulous places where along with the roes in front of the house, in my opinion, you can glance some elf as well!
All this with the "Agriturismo La Fonte".

The main farmhouse is a building whose original body dates back to the eighteenth century. It belonged to a faithful servant of Pope Urban VIII, who thanked him for his services for giving him gifts of these lands. It is named after a stone source, built at the beginning of the twentieth century, which collects the underground waters of the entire sinking basin of the valley.

Sometimes being cuddled by a warm welcome makes you fall in love with a place right away.

The wooden door is paved, the colors envelop us. Paola's artistic taste is not only noticed in detail, but also in matching mobile furnishings in a rustic yet colorful environment ... Pastel colors turn me always in a good mood!

On the table we find a cheese and salami plate, homemade jams, artisanal oil and a delicious freshly baked cake!

The magic of this place is appreciated even more after a walk in the grove, crossing the garden cared by Marco, where you come to a pond surrounded by greenery.

The elegant pool overlooks a beautiful panorama and at night the stars will come down to let you admire them even better, they will look closer to you without the lights of the city.

It's so good that I wouldn't know if this place is best suited for young couples for a romantic holiday, for families to have fun and enjoy nature, for mature people to relax in peace ...

The truth is: anyone who comes here will fall in love with it.

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