Week end in Todi?

Our journey along the small Central Italy Region continues in the direction of Todi.

Elegant medieval town, Todi stands austere and melancholic on top of a hill overlooking the picturesque valley of the Tiber.

Majestic Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazionewill welcome you, slightly outside the city walls, an architectural work known all over the world and considered one of the symbols of the Italian Renaissance!

The historic center of Todi is easily reached thanks to the free lifts that, from the base of the hill, brings you straight into its heart!

Strolling through its narrow streets, you will be captured by the charm of a city where you can still breathe an atmosphere of the past. In Piazza del Popolo, the ancient site of the Roman Forum, you can admire the main monuments of the Umbrian town: the Duomo, Palazzo dei Priori, the Captain's Palace and Palazzo del Popolo: symbols of a power of old times.

Alternate the cultural visit to some pleasant stopover to sample some of the local food and wine products in one of the typical shops. We stopat a tiny shop tempted by the so-called "torta al testo", a mixture of Arabic bread and “piadina romagnola” cooked in a special pot and very common in Umbria; with a "torta al testo" stuffed with "San Venanzo ham", local pecorino and countryside herbs, the visit of the small village becomes even more pleasant ...

We decide to stop at the Bramante Hotel, a former 12th-century monastery, restored with mastery, the stone walls and the original terracotta floors make the environment extremely refined; the antique pieces give the right magic to the large salons: it is definitely the perfect location for any kind of event!

It overlooks the gentle Umbrian hills with a terrace that seems to immerse you completely in a painting by the Pinturicchio!

It is located on the top of the hill of Todi, nearby the famous Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione, with a panoramic swimming pool over an enchanting landscape ... the slow swing of the hammocks brings you to a place of peace while comfy sun loungers, in the shade of olive trees, offer you the right relaxation in a class setting!

Just a short walk from Todi, between the hills of San Terenziano and Frontignano, you will meet the delightful "Casale dei Frontini": Michele, one of the owners,will welcome you, showing you all the most hidden beauties of this old, family-run, cottage.

This place will have a strange effect on you, you will wonder how it is possible to feel at home away from yours...

Its great treasures, in addition to the panoramic view over Todi, are the vineyards and the olive groves. You wander around the farm among the geese that look at you curiously, white giants (the Chianines), majestic in their grandeur, pony, donkeys, piglets and Pina, the mascot of the farmhouse, a small maze that will immediately make you fall in love ...

The gastronomy, with the typical mountain flavors, is another good reason to come here. Various kinds of cold meats and salami, cheeses and much more make Umbria famous all over the world.

An example of this is: Mrs. Silvana's traditional cuisine!

The strong point is the genuineness and freshness of the products, almost all coming directly from the inner gardenor nearby and with a menu that changes every day.

We enjoy dinner of homemade ham, rustic dumplings, pasta with local mushrooms, sausages and pork chops, a tasty “panzanella” (the so-called salads of the poors) and dulcis in fundo: Mirella cheesecake's… you can’t miss it!

Waiting for Michele's honey bee  (planned for next year), we say good-bye, sure of meeting us soon again!


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