8 good reasons to visit Norway

The fjords, probably the first thing that comes to mind talking about this magnificent Country. They are the corners of the coast where the sea enters the land. An inimitable nature show.

One of the highest is the Geiranger fjord, the largest, about 15 kilometers long. Their particular morphology has made them a first choice for Viking settlements in the past. In fact, the high mountain sides and the calm waters that characterize them, created perfect natural harbors.

Today, the largest fjords can also be reached on board cruise ships. As for the smaller ones, a short boat trip will allow you to appreciate these coastline, where time runs at its own pace.

There is no better way to enjoy these landscapes if not sitting on the dock of the fjord during a sunset.

The northernmost part of Norway being crossed by the Arctic Circle is subject to atmospheric phenomena that, I think, you should experience at least once in life.

In February and March and between September and October, coinciding with equinoxes, you can observe more frequently the spectacular northern lights, an optical phenomenon of the terrestrial atmosphere characterized by long bright bands that will enchant you and that I consider to be one of the most beautiful performances the Earth can give us.

You need to reach the city of Tromsø where in January there is a festival dedicated to the northern lights. Other places in Norway where you can watch the Aurora are the Lofoten Islands, Finnmark and the Svalbard Islands, all described and reported in the best guide to Norway

Opposite to the phenomenon of northern lights is the so-called 'midnight sun'. The fiery ball never settles permanently, but it always stays above the horizon, giving birth to 'white nights'. It is visible only above the Arctic Circus and, of course, only in summer.

A phenomenon well visible from the university town of Trømso, one of the northernmost urban structures in Europe. You will experience the strange feeling of having always the sunlight that accompanies you. A romantic and magical experience that you definitely can’t miss, it's also suggest by Lonely Planet!

Within the Nigardsbreen glacier there is an incredible building: the Ice Cathedral. This structure was formed by the progressive melting of the ice, it was discovered only in 2007 by some researchers and it’s located on one of Jostedalsbreen's glacial arms.

This glacier, which is part of the Jostedalsbreen national park at Sogn og Fjordane, is one of the largest in Europe and its climbing is a unique experience.

Climb with crampons on the blue ice tongues and see ice crevices, it is absolutely fantastic.
Excursions must be booked at least one day before and have an affordable cost. This is really an extraordinary experience that…once again: you can’t miss lol!

Just above the Arctic Circle line, there are the Lofoten Islands, a wonderful place where nature has created an impossible spectacle to imitate. It’s a unique place in the world, where wild beauty reigns with mountains that fall to the sea, small villages sunlit by that the sun that never set, and in winter, the shades of the northern lights.

The sharp edges create an incredible natural setting for the numerous sandy beaches that are only waiting to be reached, after a few hours of walking along breathtaking landscapes, where you will meet, one after the other, small fishing villages where, in many of them, it is also possible to stay overnight .

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Lofoten enjoys a particularly mild climate, a bit hotter than the rest of Norway. They are even defined as: North Caribbean thanks to the largest reef in the cold waters of the world.

On horseback between Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, this population, from very ancient origins, lives. They are best known as Lapponi and are mainly dedicated to reindeer farming, fishing and hunting. They still live according to old rules today but with more modern means.

In Norway, they are very respected, have their own parliament and carry on their traditions. Along the Country you will find many museums dedicated to them, to their traditions and special tents!

In Norway you will find enchanted wooden houses immersed in the nature of a fjord and their prices are not even excessively prohibitive. Sleeping in a cozy lodge is the favorite choice of many people in Norway when on vacation. Originally they were fishing houses, now restructured and transformed into mini apartments.

They are usually characteristic wooden piles, directly on the fjord, independent of each other and structured like this: inside there are 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Outside there is a small porch.
The interiors are all in wood and give a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

If you love fish and especially salmon, Norway is the right place for you. Here you will be able to taste how much you want and above all at very low prices  as well. If you are going to Bergen, I recommend going to a fish market visit which is a 5 minute walk to the harbor... you will not regret it. Many of the stalls are provided with a "kitchenette" where you can enjoy your favorite super cool fish!

These are just a few reasons to visit this wonderful country of northern Europe rich in magic and nature at 360 degrees... just think that one of Norway's most famous slogans is: "Ut på tur aldri sur" which literally means: "Outdoors you never feel sad. "

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