Assisi between art and religion

Umbria is a region rich in art, culture, history, good food and religion. From the entrance arches and from the walls of the cities of the Etruscan and then Roman times you go to the medieval age, with squares full of buildings built at the time of the Signori and the Communes.
Countless churches embellish an already very picturesque territory.

We start from Santa Maria degli Angeli with the visit of the Porziuncola, very touching, here we meet many missionary nuns with whom we spend hours talking about their experiences.

The word "Porziuncola", literally means "small part" and it indicates the small portion of land where it was built. Here Saint Francis clearly understood his vocation, welcomed his first brothers and gave Santa Chiara the religious dress, giving birth to the order of poor women (clarisse).

From the Basilica the "strada mattonata" begins, three km, paved path to Assisi. This walk has a great fascination, not only religious because it connects the two most significant Franciscan sites, but also naturalistic for the many glimpses it offers. Every single brick has been donated by a faithful and reports its name and city of origin, and was made after the 1997 earthquake.

UNESCO declared the entire city of Assisi and its annexed Franciscan places: "World Heritage Site".

Assisi, a spiritual place, a symbol of peace, is a delightful medieval town where the wonderful Basilica of Saint Francis stands out. It looks from above a medieval village made of narrow alleyways and lanes; the atmosphere of serenity and prayers that characterizes the whole center almost seems like a tribute to the Patron Saint of Italy.

When you pass the threshold of the Basilica, it seems to be entering  the frescoes by Giotto and Martini.

Climbing the hill you will reach the Church of Santa Chiara.

These two figures make Assisi the main religious center in the region, favorite destination for many pilgrims; the modern city has arisen without "affecting" the structure of the old town, a series of narrow streets link the various squares arranged on different levels and guardians of the whole history of the city.

We stop at the "Dal Moro Gallery Hotel", one of the most beautiful hotels in the area, just 50 meters from the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

A design hotel, refined, modern and elegant, run with great professionalism, a rare gift today.
Alessandra tells us the story of this structure, which since 1890, welcomes tourists from all over the world.

Founded by her ancestors, it is constantly renewed by treating every single detail with taste and practicality, also thanks to the art of many architects who have worked here.

Rooms are very functional and equipped with every comfort, showers, with chromotherapy, help you relax even more after having "wandered" long and wide for these sacred cities!

In the morning, thanks to Roberto's passion and his innovative ideas, breakfast becomes a real rite!

Croissants stuffed to the tips, high quality homemade cakes, a whole organic department with seeds, berries and dried fruits. The whole area of ​​the salad deserves a decantation apart: salami, Umbrian cheeses, cakes with carrots and potatoes, tasty stuffed cakes contribute to make this breakfast rich and inviting!

Food, heaven, sacred, profane, culture, tradition: Umbria is the pulsating heart of Italy!

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