Umbria is not just an outdoors museum of Christianity, it is also a center of international culture as its many festivals and gourmet food and wine gastronomy testify thanks to its local production of wines, oils, salami and truffles.

This is the region where folklore shows, fairs, traditional festivals and fairs take on an important meaning: they preserve and defend the traditions that today's civilization, with globalization, tends to bury.

An area that still tends to preserve the ancient traditions is surely the one around Lake Trasimeno where small communes, perched on the hills and ancient medieval villages, true cultural treasures, have the ability to carry you back in time.

This is the land of the "slow-living" where the squares are still a romantic place to meet... we walk through the gentle hills that characterize the Umbrian-Tuscan border and immerse ourselves in some of its most picturesque villages.

Paciano: American writer Mulvaney said: "my first thought when I came here is that it's just like a Hollywood scenographer would represent a medieval village." The glimpses that it gives, makes every camera goes crazy, the narrow streets of the village, the churches, the balconies flourished along with the City Hall Palace offer a fabulous image.

Panicale: perched on Mount Petrarvella, with its three squares arranged on three different levels, looks like a natural terrace on Lake Trasimeno.

Castiglione del Lago embraces this mythical lake. Its village is nestled between the blue waters and the green of the hill. Many souvenir shops offer wooden artifacts, spices, pottery, salami, etc.

Visiting this area is the right chance to discover precious, little known cultural goods, enjoy delicious typical products and enjoy a breathtaking landscape.

The perfect base for experiencing this, at a blink of an eyelash, seems to be the "Locanda Poggioleone", a true little paradise where evocative angles alternate with glimpses of rare beauty.

Bucolic landscape, refined and elegant ambiance embellished with high quality antique pieces.

Privacy and relaxation is what you experience when you are cradled by the hot bubble bubbles of the Jacuzzi in front of a postcard landscape!
The harmony of the professional hotel's team is contagious; let yourself be cuddled by the reception of Beatrice and Therese, by Stefano's impeccable service and his precious advice... all overseen by the stainless Grazia, which, with her passion, coupled with a great experience, is a sure point of reference.

Spacious, cool and elegant rooms, wonderful open trunks, terracotta floors, some with terraces overlooking the rolling hills and the lake as a backdrop.

It's time to have a good glass of wine as an aperitif!

Dinner, thanks to the magic hands of Mariella and Miriam, becomes a real spell. Each evening a different menu, all strictly at zero miles, indeed, as Grazia says: "at 100 meters", as the generous garden of the structure, supplies the kitchen of every good God!

Every dish is dreamed and masterfully realized satisfying both the sight and the palate!

We have loved Friday menu made of Lake Trasimeno fishes: what a nice surprise ...

The scenery you admire, dining with the soft lights under the stars is on the highlights of this place!

The awakening is made even sweeter by a rich and abundant breakfast: homemade cakes, croissants and homemade biscuits will delight you and give you the right energy to start a new day with the discovery of the area…

The strategic location, in fact, is perfect for exploring all the surrounding areas: sip a glass of wine in Montepulciano or Chianti or run for truffles, taste chocolate directly at the factory, attend cooking lessons and many other activities directly organized by the structure will enrich your days!

When you close your suitcases, start off with the awareness of coming back here soon again!

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