Three of the Best Reasons to Visit Santorini, Greece

The Greek islands are a popular option for holidaymakers interested in a European vacation and there are a number of great destinations to choose from. Santorini holidays are known for their romantic atmosphere, stunning views, fabulous sunsets, and so much more! This makes the island a perfect vacation spot, with the following being three of the best reasons to visit.

Picturesque Scenery
Santorini has some stunning scenery for visitors to enjoy and this includes the seaside spring views out over the central lagoon, the natural beauty of the island countryside, and the picturesque towns and villages set in the landscape. No matter where you travel on the island, there are beautiful sights to see and your camera will be working overtime as you take amazing photos to show friends and family when you go home.
This is one of Santorini's most famous attractions and it is obligatory to spend at least one or more evenings just taking in the beautiful colors of the setting sun. Some of the top spots for sunset viewing include the northern town of Oia, the cliff-top promenade at Fira, and Akrotiri Lighthouse at the southern end of the island. Take a picnic and settle down to enjoy one of the most beautiful natural shows in the world.

The coastline of Santorini is dotted with beaches, from small private coves to large expanses of sand. This ensures that any beach lover will be able to find the perfect location to relax in the sunshine or get active with some fun water sports. Some of the most popular locations include Kokkini Paralia, Kamari and Exo Gialos although these are only a few of the many beaches to choose from around the island.

Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands for vacations and there are plenty of reasons why this is the case. The three shown above are some of the best attractions and anyone spending time on the island is sure to appreciate them. They will make a Santorini holiday something to remember as well as making you want to go back for more of the same.


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