Singapore. Journey within a journey

Two years ago we decided to take a tour of South East Asia for about 6 months.
We started from Nepal and arrived in the Philippines. An intermediate stage of our trip was definitely Singapore.
This small island nation is made up of 63 islands and is one of the most densely populated states in the world.

Also called the city of the prohibitions, in Singapore... in fact, many things are forbidden, let's see them together:
- Chewing a gum,
- Throwing papers on the floor,
- Smoke on the street,
- Possession of 20 grams of any drug is punishable by death,
- Urinating in the elevators (God forbid!),
- Crisp bad bear fruit in the rooms (like the durien)
- Leave the children alone in elevators,
- Spit on the ground (even if this is related to the Indian people chewing betel, a mixture of lime, tobacco, wrapped in walnut leaves)
- Pick flowers, feed the animals on the street ... but the most absurd, corresponding to 150 dollar fine is to flush the toilet!
So as you can see Singapore is not just any place! But it's so worth a visit!


Singapore is a journey within a journey... I mean: Book a hotel in Singapore and thrown into the street to explore this small city-state. As you walk through one of the main streets like Orchard Road your eyes will bounce from one shopping center to another, from luxury brands to new trend stores, but a little further on you'll be kidnapped by strong scents made curry, spicy chai, jasmine flowers to adorn their hair, sari beautifully swaying in the streets... so you will be in India.

Do not miss the Sri Mariamman Temple which is located in the heart of Chinatown, a short walk from the Buddhist temple of the tooth relic of Buddha ... yes because a few steps you will be in China between the typical stalls where you can find everything. Tired of spring rolls? No problem, in less than 15 minutes walk you enter the Middle East. Arab Street, around the Sultan Mosque meander through the narrow streets of this neighborhood flavor of mint tea, colored veils and tajine.
I find that Singapore has much to offer. And it's one of those cities that we will visit more than once in a lifetime for sure.


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