Las Vegas... needles to introduce it

Las Vegas... Needless to introduce it!

Las Vegas, the city of desires, of perdition, of 5-star food prepared by the best chefs around.
You have the chance to watch spectacular shows. 
Love at first sight? No worries. You can get married in one of the many chapels... but be careful because the marriage is valid 100% !!!! So, if you have been drinking a little too much, stay out of  these love houses!

You can see the sharks at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef aquarium, explore the Red Rock Canyon and fill your eyes with lights, signs and pretend to travel the world on foot... visit to the Egyptian pyramids, a walk to St. Mark's Square in Venice or a romantic dinner in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! You definitely can have an amazing time here!

After all this wandering stop and play (in moderation of course !!!!) at one of the many casinos! Here groped luck is a MUST! Find hardcore gamers who are able to stay 24 hours glued to a slot machine... women in elegant dresses at the roulette tables...


In short, a stay at Las Vegas, a couple or with friends is one of those things to do in life!

"In Las Vegas it's always sunny. That’s why gangsters built it into a desert." (Vittorio Zucconi)


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