Wien: a melting pot of music, dance, coffee and sports!

This beautiful city is located in the North-East of Austria and crossed in its eastern part by the Danube ...
Vienna offers so much to do and see!

What we have in common is the passion for the black gold, the Viennese, in fact, have turned into the culture the coffee tasting. Worth visiting the Cafe: Hawelka and the Central ... in fact I meant it because if you don't want to open your wallet too much, you can go into any of the other 650 coffee in town choosing from Kleiner Schwarzer (expressed shortlist), Kapuziner (coffee with whipped cream), Einspänner (coffee with cream served in a glass cover), Melange (coffee with hot milk) and a whole host of wonderful creams flavored coffee with hazelnut or chocolate... After choosing you can comfortably sit on comfortable chairs padded and read a book, use the free wifi or playing cards rather than a game of pool!

But Vienna is primarily known as the City of Musicians, it has hosted composers such as Vivaldi, Mozart, Haydn, Salieri, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Strauss and many more!
In Vienna, the music is in the air, here the waltz and operetta are the order of the day! Throughout the year there is a succession of festivals. And I am not talking only of Opera but various pop and rock concerts provide an unforgettable experience live with electronic music refined for the chill-out is found in numerous clubs.
Even if you are not fond of classical music it would be a shame to miss a visit to the house where Mozart lived from 1784 to 1787 where he wrote one of his most famous works: The Marriage of Figaro.

Nowhere else in the world dances are so solemnly romantic as in Vienna. The atmosphere is magical, both local and foreign breathe in the festive air of the city. The winter season in Vienna features over 400 dances attended by 300,000 fans from all over the world! A good way to listen to great music and engage in a dance of yesteryear...

Strolling around Vienna is really simple, it has, in fact, a large network of public transportation: metro, trams, buses going in every corner of the city. But I wanted to tell you about a healthy and environmentally friendly means of transport: the city bikes that allows you to move by bike!
The city bikes can be rented at the Bike terminal of Vienna and returned in one of the 100 terminal usually located near the metro stations.
From 11th to 14th June 2013 Velocity takes place , an international conference dedicated to the bike. The MAK (Museum of Applied Arts and Contemporary Art) offers from 14 June the exhibition called "Tour du Monde Fahrradgeschichten" (Around the World. Tales of bicycles).

So once in the saddle we ride towards the most famous market in Vienna (the Naschnarkt) with nearly 120 stalls and local. It's a colorful culinary offering ranges from Indian cuisine, Viennese, Italian, Thai, etc... This market has become a meeting place for young where they can buy vegetables and every kind of fruits beyond specialties from all over the world! Do not forget to visit even the colorful flea market weekly!

Well I can't wait to come back there again, maybe I will not stay in a rich palace like the Mozart's one , but I'm sure I'll find my ideal apartment on line, perhaps with a nice kitchen that allows me to cook the wonderful ingredients that I will buy the Naschmarkt... obviously for coffee see you in the city center!



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