Berlin. Between history and art!


Berlin keeps a special memory for us, in fact it has hosted us for our first New Year Eve together.

This city has a unique past, the center of the history of the twentieth century
(Communism, Nazism, the Cold War, globalization). In Berlin you will be impressed not only by the monuments, for the most part rebuilt, but by the story  hidden in its foundations! We found a lovely budget apartment in the city center, excellent choice!

The tour begins from the Brandenburg Gate, located near the Pariser Platz. During the Cold War, when the Wall divided the city into two, the Brandenburg Gate was in No Man's Land.

Nearby there is the German Parliament, the majestic Reichstag, and the Holocaust Memorial, built in 2005 and consists of 2,711 concrete stelae.
A short walk from there you can find Potsdamer Platz where you can get a taste of the Wall beyond the vision of the illuminated dome of the Sony Center.

If you are peckish, take the metro in the direction of Alexanderplatz where you'll have a great choice of many local restaurants. This square once housed the cattle market, then the military exercises of the Prussian army, today you can see a depiction of the solar system allowing you to identify the universal clock Urania.

After a good night's sleep and breakfast in one of the many bakeries in Berlin, go and visit the baroque palace of Charlottenburg. One of the few surviving structures that evidence the splendor of Hohenzollen!

It's lunch: the classic image of the German drinking beer, eating sausages and sauerkraut is not far from reality, indeed, and this food is prepared in hundreds different ways. But if you have eaten too much the night before, do not worry, in Berlin you can find some of the most famous haute cuisine restaurants or hundreds of local ethnic foods, especially Turkish ones!

Get off at Kurffurstendamm to see the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial, a special remembrance of the massacre caused by war and along the East Side Gallery you can admire the Europe's largest open-air gallery: enjoy one by one the graffities on the Berlin Wall until the most famous border between East and West Side: Checkpoint Charlie.

Nice "visit" to Legoland, a theme park in Potsdamer Platz, where you can immerse
yourself in "another world" made of pieces of Lego!

If after visiting what I have suggested, you still have time, do not worry Berlin still has a lot to offer including museums, shops, streets, monuments, not to mention the visit of the concentration camp or the charming Sachsenhusen city ​​of Potsdam.


At any time you will have a huge choice of activities, events and much more ... a few little tip?

On 22 June CRISTOPHER STREET PARADE: The parade of minorities, more than a Gay-Pride, a fun party where participation is a duty and a pleasure!

From July 4 to 9 CLASSIC OPEN AIR 2013: A series of classical music concerts in the beautiful setting of the Gendarmenmarkt.

From August 10 to 25 TANZ IM AUGUST: International Festival of dance that involves many theaters and squares of the city.

From 6 to 11 September ELECTRONICS FAIR (IFA) International Fair of Technology and inventions.

From 6 to 7 September in Tempelhof BERLIN FESTIVAL (cost € 85 for both days). It will be the event of the year. This year some of the guests: the Blur, the Turbostaat and the Pet Shop Boys.

On 29 September will take BERLIN MARATHON.

From October 17 to 20 VENUS: Fair Eros.

From October 9 to 20 FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS.

Then...Enjoy your trip!


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