Paris. In the ancient bohemienne between everlasting artists

Montmartre is the most beautiful district in Paris for me...

To get to the top of the hill there is a
stairway or you can take the cable car (you can use the same ticket of the transport in the city), and the view from the top will reward you!

We all know the French furnitures, the Provencal one and,
believe me, it is really worth renting an apartment here in Paris.
You wake up in the morning, get to the first pastry shop, buy fresh croissant and eat on
the balcony leaning on some lane already in full activities... well, if you are
going to follow our advice and go and enjoy it!

As for the origin of the name there are two hypotheses: it could come from Mons Martis, the Roman temple dedicated to Mars or from Mons Martyrum ie the Hill of Martyrs, as here, according to legend, Saint Denis was beheaded, the first bishop and patron saint of Paris.


After Eiffel Tower, Montmartre is the tallest in the city. The white color is due to the limestone of
Chateau-Landon that has the characteristic of not hold dust and smog. So, after every rain, the Sacré-Coeur is even more magnificent.

Montmartre is a city within a city, a bohemian heart still beating as in Paris in 1800, when it was the damn neighborhood, the one of the artists in search of inspiration and of the bored bourgeois looking for strong emotions: the prostitutes, opium, wine, the Moulin Rouge, the Cancan and the cabaret. The famous Butte (hill) of  Montmartre, where great artists such as Delacroix, Picasso, Modigliani and Van Gogh lived; it is now clogged with tourists at all hours.

Following a road to the right of the basilica, you will soon come to the Place du Tertre, the heart of
Montmartre, the square is very characteristic, with restaurants, shops and lots of street performers who will ask you to make your portraits / caricatures... It’s really worth a ride in this neighborhood, if your schedules are tight enough, you can do it in the evening (the church is open till late), lit is even more impressive!

A few steps west of  Place du Tertre you can visit the Espace Dalí which is the only permanent exhibition in France, entirely devoted to the master of surrealism, Salvador Dalí with about 330 three-dimensional sculptures (including the famous sofa in the shape of lips) that highlight an almost unknown aspect of the Catalan Master.

Every time we go to Paris we can’t help coming all the way hither to breathe a bit of art eating a baguette and a nice crepes!                         



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