Barcelona. Are we walking in a fairy tale?

In Barcelona you can not dive into the madness of imaginative Park Güell, it is likebeing in a surrealist dream, where you can walk among the houses that seem to comefrom the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, it  is more hallucinogenic than any drug.

The financier Eusebi Güell commissioned Gaudí in the 20s the project of building a"garden city".

But, because of a lack of funds, the land was converted into themunicipal park.

Gaudi thought of making a urbanization surrounded by nature givingrein to his exuberant imagination.

Its structures are reminiscent of a fantastic book of fairy tales, such asmushroom-shaped chimneys.

The double staircase leads to what must have been earlier,the city market-garden. This space contains a large terrace with a panoramic view of Barcelona at 360 degrees. The artist's imagination continues to express itself through the large Doric columns topped by a corrugated roof.

Surely the extraordinary beauty of the benches decorated with small pieces of ceramic tiles and colourful mosaics is the aspect of this park that I liked the most! At the back you will find galleries prehistoric stone and earth that demonstrate the creative and indisputabletalent of the artist..

Open every day from 10 to 20 (from May to August from 10 to 21), it  can be reached by bus number 24 from Plaça Catalunya in about 15 minutes of travel, this bus will take you to the secondary entrance. (Http://

By Metro you can reach it with  the green line L3 (Lesseps stop) but you have to make different road uphill to reach the main entrance.T

he sign of the extraordinary nature of Gaudi can also found in the way this artist died, hit by a tram, when they went to a maximum speed of 20 km per hour...

Much of your staying should be dedicated to Gaudi, his houses (Batllo and Mila) and their gardens by the fanciful fantastic shapes and surreal architecture. They will not be the houses of Gaudi but you can stay in an apartment nearby and look at the window, soaking in their colors that give a touch of magic of this wonderful city!


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