Warsaw. Ravioli, cinema and ice skating.

Warsaw is Poland's capital since the seventeenth century, it has been completely destroyed by the Nazis, probably like no other city in the world.

Warsaw lives it to understand how its inhabitants and there you will fall in love with it...

Have breakfast in the quaint cafes in the old part, they are the ideal place to stop and observe the comings and goings of passers-by, enjoying spectacular views.

Try the Polish breakfast of eggs made ​​with homemade sausage (kielbasa) meats, sardines, tomatoes and pickles with the addition of Twarog, cheese preferred by the locals, often with the addition of salt, sugar or honey. But do not worry you will also find jams and creams for a quick breakfast with coffee milk, hot chocolate and tea.

Dine like the inhabitants of the city in the traditional Milk Bar in Warsaw. This kind of local spread in the communist era and offers affordable menu where you can enjoy a good plate of "pierogi" (half-moon ravioli are filled with meat, vegetables or cheese, but there are some who prepares them with fruits and served with a sauce of sour cream.)

Interesting, the posters museum, hidden in the heart of the city park Wilanow, this is the first museum of posters in the world, home to over 50,000 graphic works.
In Warsaw you can visit the oldest public library in the world, Zaluski, dating back to 1747.

In front of the Palace of Science and Culture you can make a nice glide on the ice, enjoying the wonderful panorama of the capital.

Head to Pawiliony at Nowy Swiat, one of the busiest places in the city, you can get into a trendy club and spend very little having a lot of fun.

To spend a romantic evening you can go to the movies outdoor Guerilla (from May to September, every Friday at sunset), where you can watch a film projected on an old parachute placed between the pillars of the bridge that crosses the river Vistula.

So now you just have to book the flight, the last time we have found a good deal.




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