Travelling low cost

Mark and I travel have been travelling since ever, one might say that we literally are: travel junkies, in fact when we come back from somewhere, after a few days, we dream the next destination... but to turn "dreams" into "design" is a short step... really small, believe me!

I love the famous words by Walter Elias Disney: "What's the difference between a dream and a goal? A date."

Well, now that we have chosen the goal (dream) and the period (date) we must count our finances. 



I state that we love travelling, not the holidays... It’s a different thing! 

As for the flights we do not go to the travel agency... why do we have to pay more when we can buy them safely at home saving a lot of money? There are many websites that allows you to compare prices for flights, hotels and much more! 

Everybody asks us: “how do you manage to go always around? how much do you spend? and so on... 

We always answer: of course we do not go to the restaurants everyday... after all, imagine the taste of a tali on the steps of Varanasi, a packed salad in freedom watching the hustle and bustle of Miami, some fruit in a Guatemala’s square, a smoothie on the beaches in Borneo...? Anyway if we decide to go out to eat, we usually head to the local markets... we love them! Sometimes we follow the instinct, others we ask for local’s tips and we check the places away from the tourist ones... 


We never go to 5 star hotels, not even 3 stars ones, but we prefer some nice hostel or guest house... also because these places are increasingly offering a kitchen where we prepare a lovely carbonara especially during long trips!

One thing that we discovered are vacation rentals that if you have to spend a week in some seaside resorts or holiday with friends is a really good saving solution! 

We study and get all the proper info before leaving about the various transports. We prefer to move with the local means rather than renting a car... in this way we seem to live most of the place. But it always depends on where you go... because, sometimes, car might be absolutely a great option to consider! 

In the end,  we always negotiate, we bargain and it’s so cool to do it! 

Yes you can travelling on a tight budget and we are the proof of that! 

If you have questions or want to give us advice do not hesitate to contact us! 



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