Backpack, my faithful, indivisible and adventurous friend, my wandering home, as the snail or the turtle’s shell, that keeps only few necessary things that will let me move very easily and feel at my ease in every situation.

Concentrated and essential. You have to undress of the main part of the things that you use everyday and  open up your mind to new dimensions: I have only one backpack, I have THE BACKPACK.


In your backpack you must only put the most important things, because when you are on the move, you need to carry the lightest weight on your shoulders.

The bottom of the backpack is where I usually put my sleeping bag, the middle has the heaviest things while the top section has the smallest, the lightest and most utilized things



1 - Belt

 2 - Buckle

 3 - Stabilizing ribbon

 4 - Breast-bone strap

 5 - Stabilizers


The content depends on the kind of trip you are going to do. If you are going to a warm place it is better to take less clothes, because you will be able to wash them very often, but if you are going to cold place you will need to take more clothes but not thick ones, that way you can dress like an onion to protect yourself when it is cold but not have to carry too much weight.
I suggest taking photocopies of your planes tickets and passport, because you never know....! Don’t forget a padlock with two keys, in some hostel it is better to use your own. The best way to carry money with you is to use one of those pouch you can hide under your clothes. They let you immediately  realize if anyone is trying to steal from you. It’s better not to keep all your money only in one place, because in case of robbery you’ll be penniless. Hide it where no-one can find (I hid some in my shoes too!). I suggest Traveller's cheque, which can be redelivered in case of robbery or loss; I usually take a 30% of my budget in cash just in case I find myself in places where banks don’t change Traveller's cheques and part of it in small denominations so as not to tempt eventual ill-intentioned.

Here’s a list of things more or less importat that you could forget...


Documents and money
-Credit card
-Vaccination certificate
-Insurance bill
-Document’s photocopy

-Driving license
-Hotel Voucher


-3 t-shirts
-1 sweater
-1 jacket
-1 pair of shoes
-1 pair of mule
-2 pairs of trousers
-1 sea short
-1 hat

-Brush and toothpaste
-Sun cream
-Insects repellent
-Scissors for nails
-Foam and razor



-Antidiarrhoeas (imodium)
-Painkillers (moment, novalgina)
-Antipyretic (aspirina, tachipirina)
-Antinausea (travelgum, xamamina)
-Antihistaminic in cream (fargan)
(of all the medicines I always choose the  smallest and lightest ones, usually pills, and I leave their boxes at home)



-Sleeping bag
-Insulating mat
-Multipurpose knife
-Alarm clock
-Flatware kit
-Water-bottle (even if I prefer a plastic bottle, for sure lighter)
-Toilet paper (not used in many countries)
-Mobile phone and charger (just for emergencies)
-Pen and trip journal
-Sun glasses

Books and photographic stuff
-Geographicals maps

-Photocamera and schedes

-Batteries and charger



"There are two great breeds of photographers, the one who manufacture
images and those that capture them. The first have their study ....
For the second, their study is the world. "
- Ernest Haas -


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